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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 12, 2007 07:41 PM
by Cass Silva

Hawass says that only 30 per cent of the monuments etc have been found and "who knows what lies under the sand".  Also I believe that camels would have been more suited to the climate than horses.
  Cass wrote:
In a message dated 2/12/2007 4:55:12 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

This was the hard evidence. It is always "hard" until something new is 
discovered and it becomes "soft" or "something to build on" (excusing the pun!)

N Rays were never hard evidence. Neither was Od. Hard evidence is physical 
evidence and the math is not the the territory.

Worker's villages are hard evidence as is the lack of horse skeletons.

Chuck the Heretic

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