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Re: Theos-World Re: Konstantin, Was Blavatsky Immoral and a Fraud?

Feb 12, 2007 05:55 AM
by Cass Silva

Suggest you have a listen to what Michael Tsarion has to say about Annie Besant, who he says founded the Fabian Society which HPB stated as having infiltrated the Theosophical Society.
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> So Konstantin, are you saying that in your opinion H.P.B.
> was immoral and a fraud?

I say that from a point of view of the outer world and academic 
science at large, HPB and her followers are considered as equal 
frauds, and there's no clear distinction between them from that point 
of view.
Another point was that Besant before her contacts with HPB had 
significantly better reputation and moral profile in the outer 
world's view than after. She was against church and her books were 
prohibited but no one dared to accuse her in immorality and fraud.

Personally I believe than nor Blavatsky, neither any of her followers 
were frauds (though they could be mistaken).


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