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Theos-World Re: An Insider's Perspective on Blavatsky, Judge, and Besant

Feb 11, 2007 09:50 PM
by plcoles1

Thanks John for the info !
--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Perry,
>   I provided citation on three Cleather Book to Nigel in reply 
today. I 
> suggest you "Google" both "Guruda" and "Kinnara" cross-culturally 
they are same and 
> Kinnara is also found in the Celtic Fairy Faith as a class. An 
> aside, somewhere many years ago in a Theosophical source I have 
recall that 
> William Quan Judge for some reason had the name "Kinnara" this 
obscure appellation 
> made me wonder if it was his first surname and whether he was 
a "Changeling." 
> The Guruda from the Hindu are in the class of the Suparna if I 
> correctly and are higher celestial Intelligence's kin of the "Lha" 
of Blavatsky 
> Tibetans.
>   Recently I was apprised of the Russian Yuri A. Skaharov's 
Expedition to 
> Tibet in search of Shambhala. He found most interesting antiquity 
in Tibet Zhang 
> Zhung in the Guruda Valley along the Sutledge River "The Silver 
Palace of 
> Guruda." his main Website is you should use the 
> Translation Tool set to the "Russian-English Beta" you can 
translate the website 
> using the Tool.
>   The Guruda Necklace and the Tashi Lama's Personal Seal are in 
> Cleather's "Buddhism - The Science of Life" 1928, on page opposite 
to page 71. Second 
> Edition September 1928.
>    The Kalachakra Tantra Sutra Teaching was held by the Bon 
previous to the 
> Gelugpa. Madame Blavatsky apparently received instruction on this 
knowledge in 
> regard to cycles. It was not exposed to the West until the present 
Dalai Lama 
> gave instruction for the first time here in the USA in 1986 if I 
> correctly in No. California.
>   Sakharov found dwellings going back to the BC times around 2300 
years ago. 
> In far Western Tibet.
>  <A HREF="";>UN Special No 
640- May 2005 • Mt. Kailas-Badmaev</A>
>  <A HREF="
7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8">Sakharov Nirvana-Tour "About Us" English 
> ml&langpair=ru%7Cen&hl=en&ie=UTF8
> You should click "Terra Incognito" found as an option within 
> Homepages and then you will see the Photo folders.
> This is a link that gives a very nice survey of the term "Guruda"
>  <A HREF="";>Garuda
(Silver Palace)</A> 
>  <A HREF="
kz.htm">Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary, Ke-Kz, KINNARA</A> 
> Kinnara:
> Kinnara (Sanskrit) [from kim what + nara man] Also Kim-nara. "What 
sort of a 
> man?" -- a mythical being supposed to have a human figure with the 
head of a 
> horse; or sometimes a horse's body having the head of a man. In 
later times, 
> like the naras, they are reckoned with the gandharvas (celestial 
> and are likewise frequently connected with the kimpurushas. Some 
accounts say 
> that they sprang from the toe of Brahma; but they were the product 
of the earth 
> at the commencement of the kalpa, the early attempts of formation 
> quasi-conscious beings leading to self-conscious beings. In a 
larger sense, the 
> kinnaras, kimpurushas, etc., are entities belonging to our 
planetary chain who 
> partake partly of the nature of matter or form, and partly of 
spirit. They have a 
> definite place in the economy of the planetary chain and perform 
their functions 
> very much as the human hierarchy does. They are more advanced that 
the mere 
> nature sprites or elementals, but yet are inferior to humankind, 
and are to be 
> classed generally with the hosts of quasi-astral beings.
>  <A 
>  <A HREF="";>Kinnara 
> Regards,
> John
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