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Re: Theos-World Re: An Insider's Perspective on Blavatsky, Judge, and Besant

Feb 11, 2007 12:31 PM
by samblo

  I provided citation on three Cleather Book to Nigel in reply today. I 
suggest you "Google" both "Guruda" and "Kinnara" cross-culturally they are same and 
Kinnara is also found in the Celtic Fairy Faith as a class. An interesting 
aside, somewhere many years ago in a Theosophical source I have recall that 
William Quan Judge for some reason had the name "Kinnara" this obscure appellation 
made me wonder if it was his first surname and whether he was a "Changeling." 
The Guruda from the Hindu are in the class of the Suparna if I recall 
correctly and are higher celestial Intelligence's kin of the "Lha" of Blavatsky 
  Recently I was apprised of the Russian Yuri A. Skaharov's Expedition to 
Tibet in search of Shambhala. He found most interesting antiquity in Tibet Zhang 
Zhung in the Guruda Valley along the Sutledge River "The Silver Palace of 
Guruda." his main Website is you should use the Google 
Translation Tool set to the "Russian-English Beta" you can translate the website 
using the Tool.

  The Guruda Necklace and the Tashi Lama's Personal Seal are in Alice 
Cleather's "Buddhism - The Science of Life" 1928, on page opposite to page 71. Second 
Edition September 1928.
   The Kalachakra Tantra Sutra Teaching was held by the Bon previous to the 
Gelugpa. Madame Blavatsky apparently received instruction on this knowledge in 
regard to cycles. It was not exposed to the West until the present Dalai Lama 
gave instruction for the first time here in the USA in 1986 if I recall 
correctly in No. California.

  Sakharov found dwellings going back to the BC times around 2300 years ago. 
In far Western Tibet.

 <A HREF="";>UN Special No 640- May 2005 • Mt. Kailas-Badmaev</A>

 <A HREF="";>Sakharov Nirvana-Tour "About Us" English Translation</A>

You should click "Terra Incognito" found as an option within Sakharov's 
Homepages and then you will see the Photo folders.

This is a link that gives a very nice survey of the term "Guruda"

 <A HREF="";>Garuda(Silver Palace)</A>

 <A HREF="";>Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary, Ke-Kz, KINNARA</A>


Kinnara (Sanskrit) [from kim what + nara man] Also Kim-nara. "What sort of a 
man?" -- a mythical being supposed to have a human figure with the head of a 
horse; or sometimes a horse's body having the head of a man. In later times, 
like the naras, they are reckoned with the gandharvas (celestial choristers), 
and are likewise frequently connected with the kimpurushas. Some accounts say 
that they sprang from the toe of Brahma; but they were the product of the earth 
at the commencement of the kalpa, the early attempts of formation of 
quasi-conscious beings leading to self-conscious beings. In a larger sense, the 
kinnaras, kimpurushas, etc., are entities belonging to our planetary chain who 
partake partly of the nature of matter or form, and partly of spirit. They have a 
definite place in the economy of the planetary chain and perform their functions 
very much as the human hierarchy does. They are more advanced that the mere 
nature sprites or elementals, but yet are inferior to humankind, and are to be 
classed generally with the hosts of quasi-astral beings.

 <A HREF="";>Kinnauri language</A>

 <A HREF="";>Kinnara Kingdom</A>


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