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Konstantin, Was Blavatsky Immoral and a Fraud?

Feb 11, 2007 10:15 AM
by danielhcaldwell


You wrote:

Before their contacts with Blavatsky both Besant and Leadbeater were
respected people of good reputation. Leadbeater was a clergyman which
had no reclamations as such and Besant was agnostic philosopher
active in the social field. After their close association with
Blavatsky they became immoral and frauds. Wasn't it she who made in
them so significant a change? They claimed themselves pupils of
Blavatsky, and in this respect they could be regarded as such.

So Konstantin, are you saying that in your opinion H.P.B.
was immoral and a fraud?

And if so, how do you view the Mahatmas? Are they real or
simply part of H.P.B.'s supposed "frauds"?

And if what you say about HPB is true, then what does this mean
for H.P.B.'s presentation of Theosophy?

How much of her teachings are part of her supposed fraud?

Such questions came to my mind as I read your statements above.

If your contention is that HPB was immoral and/or a fraud, could you 
please cite some evidence which you believe shows that this is truly 
the case.



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