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Re: Theos-World An Insider's Perspective on Blavatsky, Judge, and Besant

Feb 11, 2007 04:43 AM
by samblo

   You know for 4 years I posted references to Alice Cleather books and for 4 
years there wasn't a single response to it. It wasa deafening silence that 
was continious. I was quite perplexed not really being clued in to the Judge 
Lodge and the other factions. Finally I think it was mkr that posted something on 
Cleather and then Daniel Caldwell followed with posts. But it took years here 
to have it register even an indication that Alice Cleather ever existed. What 
a strange surreal cloud misted over the value of her perspective that was 
unique special in my view. It reminded of Party Politics. I was impressed when I 
read her books and saw the Peking Lodge Group Photograph taken there in China. 
Even today so many years later if you Google for the Guruda Necklace and Seal 
of the Tashi lama there is zero listing. It appears Alice Cleather was the 
only one who reproduced it for us all.


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