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Planets, Re: Occult atoms

Feb 11, 2007 04:16 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "plcoles1" <plcoles1@...> wrote:

> While the theory put forward may not be correct in view of modern
> science, in my understanding it would not constitute as being fraud.

Yes. That's the double standard which I'm always poiting at. When 
HPB's views don't conform modern science, it's OK, probably the 
science is wrong, but when CWL does the same thing - it's fraud.
Another point is that while mechanic movement in space is pretty well 
studied and is proven by thousands of practical space flights, the 
structure of atom isn't still completely clear to scientists.

So in my view it's nothing but a religion, a kind of cult created  
around HPB in American branch of theosophical movement.
While in TS Adyar excentricities of leading members and collapse of 
Krishnamurti cult gave a good vaccination against cultism and 
prevented T.S. from making a cult around HPB, there was not the case 
in some American groups which had no such "advantage".

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