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Re: Theos-World the egyptian balsawood glider

Feb 10, 2007 10:34 AM
by samblo

In a message dated 2/10/2007 7:07:31 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


   Thanks for all the very interesting aids for the discussion I enjoyed 
reading the elaboration of the elaboration's in various source articles etc. Well, 
is seems that the object was found in an ancient tomb, was catalogued and 
stored by the proper Egyptian Agency. When I asked for a citation it was because 
I wasn't sure that I was matching the right image to what was mentioned in the 
topic thread, and it wasn't. After reading the several links that are 
consecutive to the main reference I still wondered about the part where it shows the 
ancient Egyptian Solar Barque with the "bird?" form at the top of the Mast. 
This is interesting to me, the idea of the BA the souls bird arises in my mind 
as the "pointing-leading" principle to navigate the boat of millions of years. 
But another thing arose in my mind then and it had to do with the vertical 
tail feature and also the Solar Boat, Besides the Phoenicians and others the 
Egyptians also sailed the seas. The Greeks spoke of the friendly Dolphins 
escorting their ships. What popped up was the "Flying Fish" seen by all sailors 
leaping out of the water spreading their side fins to sail briefly in the cushion of 
air near the water and the vertical fin now the same and correct anatomically 
with no tail stabilizer necessary as the Flying fish demonstrates. Perhaps 
the BA was transformed for the journey on the ocean of the great green into the 
flying fish? maybe it was never meant to be known as an airplane from the 

   When this was first brought up in the thread what I pictured in my mind 
was another alleged ancient Egyptian aircraft but the one I visualized was gold 
and it was a "lifting body" shaped very much like the Space Shuttle. Si I 
asked for a citation to clarify for myself.

Thank you so much for the most interesting contents made possible by your 
kind attentions and knowledge Theo.


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