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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 09, 2007 11:03 AM
by Theo Paijmans

Hi John,

As I respect your opinion. I am certainly not adverse to the idea that 
the earth has been visited by aliens, or, still is. I just have not 
found any conclusive evidence that irrefutably proves it - certainly not 
in the ancient civilisations (although Oannes is a strange story). I 
have studied anomalous phenomena to know that there are unexplainable 
things, as we all know. Unexplained phenomena that begg the question 
whether or not it is some form of technology that we still do not 
understand, under intelligent control. Perhaps from the stars, or 
another dimension, or inside the earth, or of an origin we still have 
not considered. That somehow interacts with us, humans. Or perhaps it is 
just a natural pheomenon after all. But, as they say, that is just my 
humble opinion. The more one knows, the less one knows!

As to the Tulli papyrus, here's the reference: Ulrich Magin, 'Great 
Rings of Fire', Fortean Studies volume 6, 1999, pages 8-38. Yes, I am 
mentioned in the notes as I was able to offer him some assistance. It is 
a learned and interesting study on this issue.

Kind regards,

Theo wrote:

> Theo,
> Thanks for your comments, I respect your opinions and am willing to posit
> that you already have made efforts to determine this matter with some
> diligence. I haven't thoroughly investigated whether the Papyrus was 
> in fact
> authenticated but I know as you probably do that this idea about Tucci 
> and the Tutmosis
> II Papyrus has been bandied around by almost everyone for over thirty 
> years.
> Was it Van Doniken who published it first? Hmmm, not I will look more
> diligently thanks to you Theo.
> Best regards,
> John
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