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Re: Frauds Re: Theos-World Occult atoms

Feb 09, 2007 05:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I agree. I do not know how incidents like the one mentioned makes us to
understand theo-sophia better.


On 2/9/07, krishtar <> wrote:
>   God, who can now, 100 years later say in what circumstances this
> particular subject about that "outrageous behaviour" took place?
> We are only using what was partially written a century ago, yes because 24
> hours of HPB and other at her time were not registered or written down.
> I cannot understand why judging and discussing so many isolated facts can
> help people live and study theosophy essence.
> Many people think that either we can criticize or divinize a historical
> character, but if we do that so, we are ignoring that we are speaking of
> real people, people with faults and virtues that really existed.
> We cannot see HPB or even the Mahatmas as perfect people and us judging
> their behaviour.
> What is important, imo, is what they left and we must use our conscience
> to cull the good teachings.
> Krishtar
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> > Are you really suggesting that Blavatsky is responsible for the
> > outrageous behaviour of Bishop Leadbeater and Dr Besant despite
> > A lanoo is totally responsible for their actions are they not?
> It seems that you haven't caught my point.
> I consider it in a perspective that it is all fraud from beginning to
> the end. No lanoos, as there were no any lanoos in this story. The
> version that all theosophy beginnig from Blavatsky is fraud is much
> more plausible for outside inquirer than only some persons later
> became frauds, especially if they were known as honest people before
> their involvement into theosophy.
> As for outrageous behaviour:
> "One morning I was about to go. She said, "Do not go, I have some
> work for you." She gave me a lot of papers to copy, twelve sheets of
> foolscap. I copied it and gave it to her. She looked at it, crumpled
> it and threw it into the waste-basket. She was in a rage."
> Isn't this behaviour outrageous? The only guilt of poor Subbia was
> that he wrote on both sides of paper instead of one!
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