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Re: Theos-World Occult atoms

Feb 09, 2007 00:42 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "nhcareyta" wrote:

> Bishop Leadbeater was clearly untruthful or fraudulent in numerous 
> Both Bishop Leadbeater and Dr Annie Besant have been proven far and 

> At this stage, the same cannot be said of Blavatsky with any
> similar degree of proof.

Not exactly. In academic world Blavatsky is regarded as a proven 
fraud. Even if we dismiss Hodgeson's and Soloviev's accusations, 
there is acute critic from the orientalists' side.

Before their contacts with Blavatsky both Besant and Leadbeater were 
respected people of good reputation.
Leadbeater was a clergyman which had no reclamations as such and 
Besant was agnostic philosopher active in the social field.
After their close association with Blavatsky they became immoral and 
Wasn't it she who made in them so significant a change?
They claimed themselves pupils of Blavatsky, and in this respect they 
could be regarded as such.

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