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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 08, 2007 04:09 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks for your input Adam, I think his message is worth listening to and will continue to plug into him.  I have a couple of questions in regard to Macrobes and a few other things and will email his website direct for answers.
  e.g. When will the Macrobes "debt" be paid
  Why would the aliens want to return to their home planet when they were being chased out.
  What crime did they commit to warrant their expulsion?
  What negative forces are behind the 13 families?
  and finally
  How has he protected himself?

Adam Kofoid <> wrote:
> Yes, thank you very much for this, Actually Michael's early work is what
> initially motivated me to join this forum. Please check out his Divination
> and the Goddess DVDs and also the Astrotheology DVDs. They are literally
> bathed in nonstop enlightening trivia. Furthermore, he always gives credit
> where it is due to other reserchers. He references and commends the work of
> HPB many times. Because of his candid approch to the occult he has opened a
> virtual treasure chest of authors and researchers for me to follow up on. He
> has certainly been a large asset to my own personal growth. Another
> indavidual readers may find interesting is * Ian Xel Lungold *. Just google
> video his name. He presents a rather interesting perspective of the Mayan
> calender. All of his videos are copyright free.

-Adam .:


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