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Re: Theos-World 2012-The Future of Mankind

Feb 08, 2007 11:24 AM
by Adam Kofoid

> Yes, thank you very much for this, Actually Michael's early work is what
> initially motivated me to join this forum. Please check out his Divination
> and the Goddess DVDs and also the Astrotheology DVDs. They are literally
> bathed in nonstop enlightening trivia. Furthermore, he always gives credit
> where it is due to other reserchers. He references and commends the work of
> HPB many times. Because of his candid approch to the occult he has opened a
> virtual treasure chest of authors and researchers for me to follow up on. He
> has certainly been a large asset to my own personal growth. Another
> indavidual readers may find interesting is * Ian Xel Lungold *. Just google
> video his name. He presents a rather interesting perspective of the Mayan
> calender. All of his videos are copyright free.

-Adam .:


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