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Re: Some Very Important Theosophical History

Feb 06, 2007 04:44 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: Some Very Important Theosophical History

   Dan's group used to have "The 
Theosophical Movement 1875-1925" on 
line also.  I don't know if he still 
does. The published book-version and the 
"Theosophy" magazine version differe somewhat.   
Even though written by the ULTer Garrangues 
(mostly), I still think it is the best 
history, critically, of the Early 
Theosophical Movement - except where he 
gets to Point Loma, Tingley and Purucker 
(in Aftermath.)  I even did a limited 
reprint (xeroxed about 10 copies) and 
a digital (verbatim) edition of the book.  
Quite frankly, when Garrangues gets to 
Purucker in "Aftermath", the over-riding 
undercurrent it seems to me - is one 
of jealousy.  He doesn't directly criticize 
Purucker's teachings mostly, but more or 
less just makes fun of them.  Indeed, 
not even Garrangues could approach Purucker's 
technical insights into Theosophy and 
elaborations.  I'm amazed when I read 
some of his material and wonder how 
someone could understand all of it.  There's 
some things Purucker says I wonder about 
- like his treating Jesus as a real person, 
instead of the fabricated myth based on 
someone else (ben Pandura, perhaps) that 
Blavatsky says he was.  Maybe it was for 
convenience in dealing with the christians. 
Point Loma, Tingley and Purucker might be 
criticized as being off the beam on some 
points - like any group - but is it any 
more "off the beam" than ULT and it cultish 
attitude.  (Certainly more cultish and 
closed than the open-ended Point Loma 
effort, which included even charity work...)

    Anybody else have a problem accessing 
theos-talk archive files?  I can't even 
access them unless I happen to hit it lucky.

          - jake j.


    Posted by: "Compiler" 
    Date: Sun Feb 4, 2007 1:49 pm ((PST))


>Based on the current conversation going on
here, I hope that many readers, especially
newcomers to theosophy, will find these
three series of articles from THEOSOPHY
magazine to be very informative and useful:

(1) The Theosophical Movement (34-part series:
(2) The Rising Cycle (13-part series: 1926-27)
(3) Aftermath (10-part series: 1935)

>They are found in this link that goes to the
14th of 18 sections found on the "Additional"
articles index page of my web site:

>Dear newcomers to Theosophy:

>I sincerely do hope that my web site offers
a well-rounded overall view of Theosophy and
the Theosophical Movement. The 3 main links
to everything on it are found below.

>Please know that I'm only the compiler of
all the articles found on my web site; I'm
not a scholar; and also that I personally
do not like to take part in conversations,
even though I do hope that what I present
from time to time will help a little in
the discussions being carried on by others.
So please do not be insulted when I do not
respond if someone addresses me, or addresses
anything that is found in any of the articles
on my web site; I leave that for others to
deal with if they want to -- whether pro, con,
neutral, friendly or unfriendly.

>These are the 3 Index pages on my Theosophical
web site -- which contains 1,488 articles from
THEOSOPHY magazine:

>And this is the link to what I very personally
project for all of humanity -- one that I have
envisioned myself for the last 26 years and am
trying hard to get going. It's the most updated
version of my economic proposal to humanity,
a practical project to help our suffering world that
I also consider to be Theosophical. In it you will
find a new and unique, but mostly unknown,
economic system model that might be able to
put an end to involuntary poverty on earth. How?
It presents a way to fully finance everything of
importance that is needed in every nation.
Because of this it's well worth pointing to. Please
note that, for strategic reasons, of wanting it to
have the best chance of being accepted by all
peoples worldwide, no matter what their religious,
philosophical, and scientific beliefs are, I've put it
on a completely different web site; it contains no
mention of, or link to, the Theosophy and the
Theosophical Movement that is presented on
my web site:

>John DeSantis

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