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Re: Theosophy Translated

Feb 05, 2007 10:58 PM
by Anton Rozman

John and Konstantin,

It is quite normal that the translator is more sensible and skeptic 
regarding the use of the "mechanic translation" and that he finds it 
deficient, while the common reader is quite happy to get the 
information which would be otherwise unattainable for him. So, the 
usefulness of this tool is relative in regard to the needs of the 

"Mechanic translation" usually uses for its process corpuses of 
the "translation memory"  past translations between a definite pair 
of languages  searching for the past or similar translating 
solutions. Probably there are very rare theosophical and similar 
texts which were inserted in such "translating memories" till now and 
therefore gaps are obvious and understandable. So, there is much work 
to do to overcome, at least a little, these gaps in the "mechanic 

Warmest regards,

--- In, samblo@... wrote:
> Kay,
>    Thanks those are really quite funny results as you say. I didn't 
> anything quite as bizarre as your getting for some strange reason. 
It did say the 
> translator is a "Beta" version meaning I think you know that it is 
a firs test 
> version that is being polished and floated on the public for 
criticisms. So 
> far I have only used the "translate entire web page less than a 
dozen times and 
> did notice some words that could not be translated 
like "vostockovedami" and 
> other infrequent problem words. The syntax is some times jumbled 
and hard to 
> follow but in the main most of the content was coherent and did 
give some real 
> idea of the page contents which is better than no translation at 
all. I spent 
> several hours using the word or phrase translation option which 
seems to work 
> fine. I translated all the Photo Labels of Sakharov Shambhala 
Expedition into 
> English and was able to then know where they were taken at and in 
what Temple 
> or Gompa it made me quite happy to have this free service and in 
time I think 
> it will be all sorted out to the better. I really don't know why 
your results 
> were so bizarre, did you actually use the Google language Tool or 
did you use 
> another?
> Cordially,
> John
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