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Theosophy Translated

Feb 05, 2007 03:29 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, samblo@... wrote:

> A short time ago I mentioned I had a problem with Russian 
> language website. I attempted the "Google Language Tool" they have
> an English to Russian Beta version free use. It works fine

Thank you for the funny link.
I've applied it to our Russian site
There are examples of automatic translation:

[By whom T.S. was founded:]
Nov. 17, 1875 in New York E. P. chaotic [Olcott & Judge came through 
almost undamaged]

Some examples of the well-known book titles:

In the run-up to the temple [at the outer court]
Tibetan yoga sleep and IDulcinea [yoga of sleep & dream]
Ezoterism crash [esotericism of gospels, HPB]
Treatise on outer lamp [on cosmic fire]
Put something: a practical guide to the stages of meditation [Way of 
bliss...; the subtitle is correct]
Tentative plan [Devachanic plane]
Reality dissolving plan [Reality of the astral plane]
Concealed side effects [Hidden side of things]
Mirror student so I Mirror pupils t. II [these differently phrases 
are translation of the SAME title, vol 1 and 2]
Krishna [asceticism !!! by Olcott]
Science of breath Indian magic [of indian yogis]
Age of death gentlemen Buddha
D. Leonard [author's name, initially Jampa Tinley!]
A. Arthur [author's name, initially Schopenhauer]

I cannot logically account substitution of some names and words for 
those which could never be in the dictionary,
though I admit that some phrases are translated correctly.

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