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Re: Theos-World Re: Adyar and Pasadena

Feb 04, 2007 12:30 PM
by Ton den Hartog

We had a discussion on this in a mixed Theosophy group in the south of the netherlands and we agreed we really did not not give a damn whether someone was adyar or pasadenaand it felt all very foolish (and it is !). 
Point is that a lot of resources are wasted... 


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  Subject: Theos-World Re: Adyar and Pasadena

  Nevertheless how much we would like to see the theosophical movement 
  as unified and universal, the fact is that the primary intent has 
  differentiated into multitude of separated organizations and that 
  formally we don't have any international Theosophical Society - just 
  a number of loosely connected or disconnected national theosophical 
  organizations incorporated under their respective national laws.

  Therefore, optimistically, we are now only on a half way and on the 
  turning point towards the re-unification.

  Best regards,

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  > I can not speak on behalf of the TS in America but the 
  > text says: "This documentary covers the history of the 
  > SOCIETY in America from 1875-2000.", so it is most probably 
  > to cover the history of this particular organization only.
  > That would seem to pretty much explain it.
  > One can hardly expect anything else. 
  > Chuck the Heretic
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