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Organ Transplants in Fohat

Feb 02, 2007 06:10 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Organ Transplants in Fohat

    There is an excellent article in 
Winter, 2006 FOHAT on organ translplants, 
"To live, to Live, to LIVE! - Organ 
Transplants and Cellular Memory" by 
Rogelle Pelletier.  Its probably the 
best theosophical treatment of the 
issue to date.

    The "Frankenstein" story and myth 
may well come from some racial memory 
of such from Atlantean times, and 
now in our times.  Pelletier writes:  
"With the development of DNA screening 
and immuno-suppressant techniques 
and drugs, virtually any body part 
can now be transplanted."  

    She treats the ethics of it all, 
cadaever harvesting, that the person 
is still possibly with his former 
body when it is being "harvested," 
possible obsession or possession by 
the ghost of the former owner of 
the organ - all very black magic in 
science, and right on the money.  
Blavatsky would have definitely been 
apalled, I don't have any doubt. (In 
later life, when told she may have 
to be operated on, she said she would 
never submit to it.)  Its all based 
on the philosophy of the non-acceptance 
of death as a part of life, and not 
the traditional Buddhist view (as in 
the "Great Master's" letter) of life 
being a weary nightmare to be tolerated.  
The article is well worth reading.

     A sci-fi book by David Niven 
(60's, I think) "The Long Arm of Gil 
Hamilton" is a series of stories of 
a member of the gov't branch in charge 
of catching "organ-leggers" involved 
in illegal cadaver harvesting and 
implants in the not-so-far future. 
Its big business.  There are warehouses 
of people frozen at the time of death 
for revival in the future, who are 
declared to be officially "dead" and 
harvested en masse.  Its materialism 
gone mad.

          - jake j.


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