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Re: Theos-World Olcott

Jan 31, 2007 09:30 PM
by Cass Silva

This gives me hope!!

M K Ramadoss <> wrote:
          Thanks for the URL.

For a long time I was looking for an letter HSO wrote to A O Hume which
stuck in my mind for decades. I found it in the URL. Here is the quote:

"These were your words to me and others last year; but if you will only
reflect for one moment what it is to transform a worldly man, such as I was
in 1874 --- a man of clubs, drinking parties, mistresses, a man absorbed in
all sorts of worldly public and private undertakings and speculations ---
into that purest, wisest, noblest and most spiritual of human beings --- a B
ROTHER, you will cease to wonder, or rather you will wonder, how I could
ever have struggled out of the swamp at all, and how I could have ever
succeeded in gaining the firm straight road."

When one reads this, and also keeps in mind the personality of HPB, who was
an unconventional cigarette smoking, meat eater, the choice of individuals
chosen by the Founders to launch modern theosophical movement simply shows
that the two were selected as they were best suited for the enormous task on
hand and not selected by traditional external worldly standards that most of
us are used to judge people.

It looks to me that we need a lot more of fired up theosophical enthusiasts
who are doers and can actively and aggressively further the objects of
theosophy, not those who lead a saintly life and try to demonstrate it to
the world at large and talk and parrot the existing writings in print to a
captive audience.

Any ideas?


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