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Re: Theos-World Olcott

Jan 31, 2007 09:28 PM
by Cass Silva

Thanks John
  Great reading
  Cass wrote:
I recommend the following:

"Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya" second edition enlarged, 
By Miguel Leon-Padilla
Univ. of Oklahoma Press 1988
ISBN # 0-8061-2128-9

My opinion is that even though the Mayan Calendar completes it's major 
Cycle a new "Ahua" is begun without the breaking of the flow of time just like we 
place the new calendar for 2007 on the wall to note the continued succession 
of the Mayan Sun-Day-Time in our daily existence. The Mayan Calendar was 
constructed to continue it's cycles for eternity.
In the UFO Case I was deeply involved in many years ago the 2012 Event was 
referenced in the communication given through the experiencers written and 
oral content as: "The Dawn of lift of Mind" and the event is on the Winter 
Solstice in the North and the Summer Solstice in the South. The phrase is enigmatic 
and can imply a meaning differently to different people. To me it implies a 
cycle where the consciousness of mankind continues it's upward progress 
individually and collectively. The "Oasphe" an unusual book is manifold with the 
streaming of time, cycles, cyclic rulers of time and events all moving and 
appearing at the appropriate moment, place on many scales of magnitude that in this 
work produce consequence and change much like the Mayan consciousness and 
glyphs depict.
The "Sixth Wave" in modern use predicts the effective pralaya of the life 
forms on Earth in an accelerating rate until man stands alone like Ravan 
calling for the earth Mother. I think Telepathic "Rapport" is latent in all of us 
but the efficient effector that mediates it's manifestation of the bond of 
love and symposium of mankind in general nand between individuals in particular.

>>''....translation or dematerialisation to another sphere of the Universe'' 
(Teilhard de Chardin<<

An interesting proposal, here is a back cover portion from a Sci-fi 
favorite of mine from years ago:
Lords Of The Psychon
By Daniel F. Galouye
Bantam Book 1965

"And Horror Day was fast approaching, the dreadful day when Earth was held 
inescapably in a grid of luminescent, evil energy, the day when the Earth might 
be torn into another universe!"

In this story only a small band of individuals must learn to have psychic 
power over the sentient forms of Plato's Geometrics through the use of the latent 
powers they possessed but awakened through necessity to overcome the 
displacement of the Earth in the heavens.

Terrence McKenna's Time formulations are quite interesting and they 
accelerate logarithmically if you have read it, the links are on my other PC.

The Schuman Resonance surely plays a part when considering life forms on 
Earth, I don't know what the exact effects of the Magnetic "Null" point will be 
or how long the "Null" will be or how uniform it will be over the Earth when 
it happens but thought has been found to mediate events exterior to time and 
distance itself. We will find out when we arrive.

I do not agree with the notion that the physical axis of the Earth will 
tilt. Such an event would be in opposition to the kinetic energy and motion of the 
Earth and cause complete cataclysmic over the entire surface of the Earth. 
Additionally our Pineal Glands are hopelessly contaminated from it's natural 
earlier state. Aluminum is found among other elements that do not belong there 
today as a result of the steady change in man. These unnatural contaminants 
interfere with suggested purpose of the Pineal.

Jose Arguelles played a cardinal role in the 2012 Mayan Calendar interest 
through his books which were quite stimulating reading. Solar and Galactic 
sound transmissions are a regular daily process as our scientists have documented 
in increasing knowledge, one can even listen online to the transduced sounds 
of the stars, sun and planets if one cared to. Which Arguelles Book is being 

Lila is the "sport" of Vishnu we are the elements that compose the sport 
itself. "Starmaker" was the title of a work by Olaf Stapledon 1937, I posted about 
the book a while back. Makes me wonder if Ken Carey has read it.


PS: Sixth Wave:


>>Innovations Report / 20.07.2004
The Sixth Wave of Extinction 
History of life on the Earth witnessed five mass extinctions of species as a 
result of natural calamities. Currently, biologists are talking more and more 
often about the sixth wave of extinction provoked in many respects by human 
beings. This opinion is shared by a Russian sea fauna diversity specialist 
A.V.Adrianov (Institute of Maritime Biology, Far-East Branch, Russian Academy of 
Sciences). Research in this area has been supported by the Far-East Branch of 
the Russian Academy of Sciences, CRDF, Ministry of Education and Science of the 
Russian Federation, and the Foundation for Promotion of Russian Science and 
the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. 

As of today, taxonomists have already described nearly 2 million species, 
although in fact their number varies, according to various estimates, from 5 to 
100 million. But 90 to 99 percent of species ever existing on the planet have 
already become extinct. The overwhelming majority vanished as a result of the 
so-called normal or background extinction due to the limited period of 
biological species existence, which fluctuates from 1 million years with mammals 
through 11 million years with some marine invertebrates. Besides the background 
extinction, the fauna experienced five mass extinctions, as a result of which 50 
to 95 percent of then existing species disappeared within a limited historical 
period. The first mass extinction occurred 440 million years ago, at the end 
of Ordovic, as a result of temperature fall and the ocean level lowering. The 
second wave took place during the late Devonian, again due to temperature fall 
and sea reliction. During the third wave of extinction, at the end of 
Permian, approximately 250 million years ago, 95 percent of marine species and nearly 
70 percent of terrestrial ones disappeared. The catastrophe was probably 
caused by active reconstruction of the earth's crust and change of climate during 
formation of the supercontinent Pangaea. The forth extinction happened in the 
late Trias, and the fifth one – the most renowned extiction – hit 65 million 
years ago. Researchers are inclined to believe that the Earth came into 
collision with a large bolide at that time. As a result, sea shoals suffered from 
tsunami and acid rains, the seabed was covered by enormous amount of organic 
matter, and only 12 percent of the then existing species survived on land. 

At present, according to numerous specialists' opinion, the sixth - 
pleistocene - wave of extinction is coming, which has been in many respects provoked by 
men. Given the current average extinction rate of 40 species a day, it would 
take only 16 thousand years for the extinction of 96 percent of the 
contemporary biota – exactly as much as died out during the period of disastrous Permian 
extinction. The major reason for the oncoming calamity is destruction of 
plants' and animal's ecotope. Scientists have estimated that the species life span 
for contemporary mammals and birds has decreased up to 10 thousand years, 
i.e. it became 100 to 1000 times shorter than that of fossil forms. If the 
habitat continues to be destroyed at the same pace, the life span of these species 
will soon make only 200-400 years. There are no such estimates for the 
invertebrates, but they are undoubtedly affected both by the global environment and 
climate change, and by disappearance of local biotopes. 

Death reigns on land and at sea. Thus, about 1 percent of tropical 
rainforests disappears annually. Up to 70 plant and animal species become extinct every 
day, which makes about 3 species per hour. At present, one tenth of coral 
reefs – zones of the highest biological diversity at shallow water – perishes; 
about 30 more percent will be ruined in the next decades. Corals die out mainly 
due to global environment and climate change, reef fish catching, water 
contamination and warming, hurricanes, destruction of symbiotic organisms. Any 
events taking place in shallow water also affects sea depths. Perhaps only 
"autonomous" superorganisms of deep-water gas-hydrotherm have not been touched upon by 
anthropogenic impact and they will evidently be able to escape consequences 
of the planet's global environment and climate changes even in case of nuclear 

Nevertheless, the sixth mass extinction is oncoming. That will be the first 
extinction which did not happed due to natural reasons but as a result of 
activity of one biological species, whose quantity increases annually by 100 
million individuals. <<

Russian Science & the World (Monthly Digest) - July 2004

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