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Re: Theos-World 2012 Re: Olcott

Jan 31, 2007 07:15 PM
by samblo

 A review of world Glacier retreat and Greenland ice changes as well as 
changes of the Himalayan Glaciers might be in order, today there is now a 
preponderance of credible scientific findings that support and validate significant 
climate change. i recall reading all the way back in 1972 the publication of 
findings that proclaimed "Major Climatic Change for the Northern Hemisphere" it 
predicted ongoing and incremental change and posited a maximum of upwards of 12 
degree's Fahrenheit increase in the median average temperature,. At that time 
you cannot believe the ridicule that was thrown at the authors but I have 
passively watched change occur across several decades since that Report and I have 
no doubt that  definite changes are happening. There is a large amount of 
research that come into place since 1972 the readings of satellites devoted to 
the Earth's Atmosphere and Ecosystem is incontrovertible in it's evidences in my 
view. I encourage all to engage in their own present time review and updates 
of current findings. The scientists who agree to climate change occurrence is 
now a majority not a minority as it was.


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