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Re: Theos-World Re: Russians & Chinese Pyramids

Jan 31, 2007 07:02 PM
by samblo

   Well one of the deficits of the UN Magazine article is she provided no 
notes or pointers to her large archives on the findings she alluded she was 
exposed to and at the time I read her article I thought a good journalist wouldn't 
have omitted citations.
   I also reviewed several hundred photographs Sakharov has on his website 
which are all labeled in Russian which left me up a creek without a paddle. 
Maybe our two Russian Theosophists can assist somehow perhaps encouraging Sakharov 
to make English selection an option. I did view the long list of published 
articles he has on the website but they are also all in Russian.
  For whoever gets to the website of Sakharov to view the 
photo archive you must click "Terra Incognito" option and the page for the 
photo archive will load.

   Yes, I has seen the large Chinese Pyramid Complex website and it is 
interesting to say the least, I might also add that the Chinese Government is 
asserted to be quite possessive about the complex and has spent considerable effort 
and resources to map and catalog thoroughly the contents which I understand to 
be very considerable in artifacts and the usual contents of tombs. They fear 
plunder and robbery if it were not kept in isolation. It may be some time 
before we see what all is there. But they did allow revealment to the rest of the 
world of Tun Haung and the yellow Emperors retinue in Terra Cotta. and even 
the ancient Manicheaen articles.

   One of the descriptions of the most outward and also physical character of 
Ol MO Rung Ling is that if you were to be passing by it you would not notice 
anything there. There habitation that Sakharov records have this nature as 
from a distance they appear as the normal terrain and even closer to them they 
can seem to be only holes in the earth spread here and there, but the holes are 
entry to a labyrinth concealed from view. it reminds me of the Turkish 
archeological habitations that were also similarly constructed and had a similar 
appearance to the eye.

  One of the photo's has books or Sutra's that are bound and on the cover 
face is depicted Mt. Kailas and the sacred lake, the Script of the title appears 
to be Tibetan or Sanskrit and the letters are in gold gilding. In some of 
these ancient rooms there are actually neatly arranged traditional oblong 
rectangle sutra's stacked and orderly piled. It would be interesting to know if anyone 
has the inventory of them. I am interested if these habitation may be a 
source that Blavatsky refers to is "Pre-buddhist Buddhists. I have seen two 
representation that are in definite varience on the walls of the locations a newer 
and an older in the majority but just who they are is the question, Nagarjuna 
was said to have gotten Terma (withheld teachings) from the Naga (serpents) that 
he then brought to Tibet did he visit The Silver Palace of Guruda where the 
Bon origin was at the locations that Sakharov recorded? Another name for the 
Guruda is Kinnara, and this interests me also. In the Celtic Faith the Kinnara 
are mention also.
  I would like very much to see Sakharov information on the Pyramids he says 
he found and documented, i was actually doing a search for "The Tibetan" on 
Google and reading lots on the Herbal Healer of two Czars of Russia who was 
called "The Tibetan" and had a baptismal name of Pyotr A. Badmaev, which is why 
one of the links I posted had Badmaev tacked on the end as a reminder of my 
primary search topic lol!


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