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Re: Russians & Chinese Pyramids

Jan 31, 2007 02:53 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Russians & Chinese Pyriamids
    John's link (below) on the Russian 
Explorers' work around Mt. Kailas 
in Tibet, and their discoveries of 
ancient pyramids, etc. is very 
interesting.  As for them discovering 
the largest pyramid in the world - 
unless they are referring to the same 
one, something larger, or the mountain 
itself - the largest earth-pyramid 
in the world is near Xian, China and 
is about 500 foot high and a base 
of 1200 feet.  There's a picture of 
it on p. 396 of Childress'se "Lost 
Cities of China, Central Asia and 
India."  Childress says the Chinese 
deny officially that it even exists.  
Autocracies seem to have problems 
(as do scientists) with things they 
cannot explain and thus have control 
over.  According to Theosophy, human 
civilizations existed up to about 
18 million years ago - if so - these 
remnants have to exist somewhere.
          - jake j.
  >2c. Re: Internet & Theosophy
    Posted by: "" 
    Date: Sat Jan 27, 2007 9:54 am ((PST))
>   where else but the Internet would I run into a UN Magazine that 
an article that covers a Russian Expedition to find Shambhala and says 
did! And more than that also a 108 Pyramid complex. See the Links 
   <A HREF="UN'>";>UN Special No 640- 
May 2005 ? Mt. Kailas-Badmaev</A>
HREF="Yuri'>";>Yuri Zakharov: Details more on the Kailas Expedition</A> 
Tibet Photos GuGe</A> 
HREF="Russian'>";>Russian Science - October 2004-Russian Exped. Shambhala</A> 

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