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Blavatsky on Violent Video games

Jan 31, 2007 02:52 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Blavatsky on Violent Video Games
  "....The capacity of children for 
the storing away of early impressions 
is great indeed. And, if an innocent 
child playing at 'Jack Ripper,' remarks 
that his _sport_ produces merriment and 
amusement instead of horror in the 
lookers-on, why should a child be 
expected to connect the same act with 
sin and crime later on? It is by 
riding wooden horses in childhood 
that a boy loses all fear of a living 
horse in subsequent years. Hence, the 
urchin who now _pretends_ to murder 
will look on murder and kill _de facto,_ 
with as much unconcern when he becomes 
a man as he does now. There is much 
sophistry in Mrs. Stowe’s remark that 
'children will grow up substantially 
what they _are_ by nature,' for this can 
only apply to those exceptional children 
who are left to take care of themselves; 
and these do not buy toys at fashionable 
shops. A child brought up by parents, 
and having a home instead of a gutter 
to live and sleep in, if left to 
_self_-education will draw from his 
own observations and conclusions for 
evil as for good, and these conclusions 
are sure to colour all his after life. 
Playing at 'Jack Ripper,' he will think 
unconsciously of Jack Ripper, and what 
he may have heard of that now fashionable 
Mr. Hyde of Whitechapel. And - 
“'...he who but conceives a crime in thought
Contracts the danger of an actual fault.'” 
       (Blavatsky, BCW, p. 228, "Children Allowed to Train Themselves for Murder")

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