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Theos-World 2012 Re: Olcott

Jan 31, 2007 01:24 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, MarieMAJ41@... wrote:

> My thinking about this date is that possibly the global warming 
> that is being so much heralded by Al Gore and others will show
> itself in a seriously catastrophic way.

I think that warming is in great extent a political and commercial 
campaign than a serious menace; like avian flu and earlier SARS which 
is already almost fogrotten.

It is not proven at all that climatic variations are due human 
activity; I'm working in the institute connected with Earth physics 
and most scientists there don't take it seriously. I've read about the 
researches that temperature on Mars follows the same trend as on 
Earth, so solar activity is probably the biggest contribution into 
In its history Earth had much colder and much wormer periods than now;
not only ice is melting but the water is vapouring, so climat can 
became more wet and some dry area can became usable for agriculture.
Vapouring can also in some extent neutralize an increase of sea level.
Another point which is often forgotten is Archimed's law due which 
melting of the nordic ice will not lift see level at all. Only 
continental Antarctic ice will contribute.

> This, along with the radical rise of jihadists is threatening our
> world as never before.

I think it is also an exagerration.
Non-American news media gives milder picture.

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