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Far Horizons Speaker's Schedule

Jan 31, 2007 10:16 AM
by MarieMAJ41

 Far Horizons, one of the TSA's camps, is having the following schedule:
Far Horizons 2007 Brief Calendar
Jun 20 to Jun 24
            Falling In Love Again
                        Shelley Nicholas
Jun 27 to Jul 01
            Sacred Circle Dance:  Creating Sacred Space
                        John & Marina Bear and Friends
Jul 04 to Jul 08
            Gurdjieff On Exploring One’s Inner and Outer Life
                        Sy Ginsburg 
Jul 11 to Jul 15
            Post-Spirituality and the Creative Life
                        Steven Harrison
Jul 18 to Jul 22
            Parents at Play:  Aligning with the Flow of the Divine
                        Trisha Brady
Jul 24 to Jul 29
            The Mysterious Kundalini
                        Namadeva (Thomas Ashley-Farrand)
Aug 01 to Aug 05
            Creativity – Soul Dancing in Two Worlds Simultaneously    
                        Patty Van Dyke
Aug 08 to Aug 12
            Our Health – Our Choice
                        Bryan Baughman
Aug 15 to Aug 19
            Therapeutic Touch: Healing Based on Science and Theosophy
                        Nelda Samarel
Aug 22 to Aug 26
            Zen:  Returning Yet Again to Beginner’s Mind
                        Grace Shireson
Aug 29 to Sep 02
            Beyond Plato on Love 
                        Martin Leiderman & Tony Lysy
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