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Re: Theos-World Laugh at terrorism Re: Internet & Theosoph

Jan 29, 2007 08:29 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Do you recall where you read about HPB's comment?


On 1/29/07, Cass Silva <> wrote:
>   As far as I remember Konstantin, HPB said that Mohammed was a Psychic
> and not a world teacher.
> Cass
> Konstantin Zaitzev < <>> wrote:
> --- In <>, "M K
> Ramadoss" wrote:
> >> During the World War Two many comic movies were made about Hitler.
> >> Why don't they make the same about terrorists? Due moderm media
> >> they would make the greater impact than then.
> > Did we not see what happened when Dutch Newspapers published
> > the cartoons!
> Those cartoons were stupid. Scarcely any European would laugh on them.
> Secondly, the cartoons were insulting to the muslims at large, not to
> the terrorists only.
> Thirdly, they made more harm to the muslims themselves who suffered
> from the riots in their own countries, connected with the cartoons.
> I think that the problem of terrorism is rather the problem of the
> western civilization than of the muslims. One jewish expert on
> terrorism has said that the arabs began terror "when they have
> discovered that the death is the sensitive issue for the westerners".
> Even 9/11 events were not considerable if regarded from the point of
> view of the military and economic damage to the state. In the World
> War Two we EVERY DAY had more victims than at one day of 9/11 (in
> USSR only!).
> If we as theosophists want to eradicate terrorism, we should speak
> not with the muslims but with our countrymen trying to ensure them in
> reality of the life after death which is in many respects better than
> the life downhere, and that the only hell is the life on earth.
> I remember that HPB somewhere said that Islam is the best religion
> next to Buddhism. Maybe because it is free of idolatry and its
> adherents have no such fear of death as christians and materialists
> have.
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