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Re: Theos-World Re: Australia - T.H. Martyn

Jan 29, 2007 06:37 PM
by Cass Silva

Perhaps Hari, your naivity is getting in the way.   How did CWL find out the boy was addicted to masturbation?  And what was CWL's solution? Moderation?  It's OK to do it twice a week but not seven days a week.  What were young boys doing there in the first place. Please.

hari9896 <> wrote:
          I reject all those lies about Leadbeater. When people secretly desire 
to indulge in certain perverted practices but can't because of social 
disapproval, they accuse others of them and condemn them for them, 
which enables them to transfer the guilt while engaging in the same 
by proxy. That's why many of them engaged in or believed all that 
malicious and untrue gossip about Leadbeater. Leadbeater's attitude 
to them was, to leave them to their karma.

Here is a copy of a letter defending Leadbeater that appeared on 
another newsgroup:

Why did you drag up all that lying junk about Leadbeater? Do you 
believe it? I read the biggest muckraking biography of CWL ever 
published and am of the opinion that he was completely innocent of 
those charges of being a pervert and teaching innocent boys 

In my opinion, what happened was that CWL, realising that one of the 
boys was addicted to masturbation, tried to help him overcome it by 
suggesting that he regulate to say once or twice a week instead of 
every night to get a bit of discipline into it, hopefully preparatory 
to overcoming it. It would have been better if he had said nothing 
about it. When the boy went home and continued the practice, and his 
mom found out and confronted him about it, he tried to deflect the 
blame by saying CWL had taught it to him! Really very simple. When 
asked about it, CWL didn't say that because he didn't want to 
embarrass the boy in public by revealing his faults. 

But it appealed to people to believe that the great spiritual teacher 
and mystic astral traveller etc was really nothing but a sex pervert 
and so they chose to believe what their own evil natures wanted them 
to believe and invented lies like the following typewritten letter 

"My own darling boy... Twice a week is permissible, but you will 
discover what brings the best effect... Spontaneous manifestations 
undesirable and should be discouraged. If it comes without help he 
rubbing more often, but not too often, or he will not come well... 
sensation is so pleasant. Thousand kisses darling..." [coded letter 
from CWL 
discovered by hotel cleaner] 

Martyn's wife said she saw CWL getting naked into bed with a boy who 
was boarding with him at the Martyn house, but she gave herself away 
when, after describing the scene she said she had been peeping at, 
said "There was nobody in the house at the time" That was a Freudian 
slip. If there was nobody in the house at the time, neither she, the 
boy or Leadbeater were there. In other words she made it all up. Her 
husband had persuaded her and her son to lie about CWL out of 
because of his position in the TS and perhaps he himself wanted to 
believe ill of the great man. Little kids used to follow CWL around 
the streets of Sydney taunting and teasing him for being a pervert. 
But all these lies dealt a severe blow to CWL's spiritual work and 
usefulness to society because many people chose to believe those lies 
about him. If there is one thing most people can't think straight 
about its the-number-that-comes-after-five. 

Personally I found little difficulty in thinking up the alternate, 
true explanations for all the imaginary reasons people used to 
him of corruption in their own filthy minds. I did this because I 
could see from some of the subtle details in some his books that he 
personally was actually very self-disciplined and very high-toned. 

Even today screwballs substitute for the so-called fun they had in 
previous centuries of burning innocent women at the stake for 
witchcraft by accusing innocent people of pedophilia, Satanic rites 
etc etc. Many of those accusations are, as in Leadbeater's day, lies 
or lunacy. 


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