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Re: Theos-World Internet & Theosophy

Jan 29, 2007 06:14 PM
by Cass Silva

Very insightful Scribe,  I agree with your conclusions.  Islam is dead in the water, there is no point or no Messiah that is ever going to raise it from the dead, it will die how it was born in violence and bloodshed.  I commend those souls who are trying to make esoteric sense of Islam but your average bedouin does not have the intellectual capacity to understand.  Even the masters admitted that the timing was wrong for a Messiah, but agreed to let the Master Jesus try.

Scribe <> wrote:
          Hi, Konstantin:

Thank you for your kind reply.

Re: "She and her husband, who is an arab from Syria, also said the same 
thing about jihad and also that Quran doesn't approve violent 
conversion to Islam."

My reading of history and the Quran is that Islam specifically spread by said "convert or die" methods. Muhammad would still be an unknown camel caravan bandit if he hadn't written that clause into his book, as well as several others glorifying theft, murder, rape and intolerance.

Hasn't anyone here read the Quran, or is aware of current events? This madness has to be stopped. You can't fight it with bullets or bombs. It's an ideology; it's politics, it's not religion. The battle must be waged on that level--the intellect--or higher. They have the low ground staked out for themselves: the civilized world must counter with reason and truth. 

We must impart knowledge and wisdom and spiritual guidance to them or they'll all be lost--and drag down the rest of the world for centuries. Are we going to sit around with our noses pressed against our monitors and our fingers clacking our keyboards thinking, Wow, here is Karma happening right before our eyes on TV every night?

I think there's already enough good stuff on the internet, as we know. We've got to get it to them to do any good. CDs? They're too busy building bombs or slitting throats in the name of Muhammad to watch them. Besides that, there isn't a Mullah behind it instructing them.

I think the danger is great and the call is urgent. We need to put the pedal to the metal and get the truth--our Theosophical, esoteric, knowledge--out there to the Mohammedans and their leaders--both "radical" and orthodox--so they can, of not recant then at least correct their flock and rebuild. 

We do this by holding instructional meetings on the astral plane every night while they're asleep until they get it. What?--there's no one here able to do that? Well, have we lost the Masters? What are they doing about this? Or are they too busy with their heads bumping up against their cave roofs levitating, pondering higher things? I do not mean to be disrespectful, or ungrateful, but I think I can see some smiles there of agreement that we troops out here in the field indeed need to do more, much more, on the physical plane. We must make an *effort*. And tell them what we think we know.

OK then, we'll hold physical instructional meetings. We'll go to Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and Indonesia and anywhere else their leaders are hiding out; we'll especially need to have a sit-down with bin Laden and his gang. We'll tape this all with good lighting and backgrounds and translators so afterwards we can edit and air the meetings in segments to the whole world. At the end of these lessons you'll see them standing/sitting in front of the camera telling their flocks now they've seen the light and to throw down your weapons and pray and beg forgiveness to your deity. In our video there won't be a rifle propped up beside them, there'll be some peaceful symbol of Islam sitting there, maybe a white horse. They'll be a good soundtrack with a moving crescendo at the end. [but no long list of credits]

One thing we will have done is introduce them and others into the way of reading the universal symbols that are in their religion, and especially how they relate to others that have come down to us through the mists of time in all the world's religions and sacred literature. We will be doing a little HPB on them: we'll be doing a short course on "Isis Unveiled." But we'll show them how their religion relates to all the others that have been on earth, and try to eliminate some of their ego involved with their religion. We'll show them, mainly through similarity of symbols, the esoteric--the real--meaning of their scriptures. In the end, as HPB has to aptly said, we won't be changing their religion, or taking it away from, on the contrary we'll be giving it back to them: they'll be *better* Muslims than they were before.

And I think we all should know this. And see this as at least one partial solution.

I'm saying we're on the brink of world-wide disaster and this is a call to 'arms'. The arms of action-with-knowledge, directed communication. Not sit-on-your-butt-complacency, I-know-it-all, look-at-those-idiots.

What can YOU do in your community and your country to spread the Word(s)? Or at least correct their misapprehension about the concept of 'jihad'?

Best Regards,

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From: Konstantin Zaitzev 
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Subject: Re: Theos-World Internet & Theosophy

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> a fine service with his site-full of free classical Theosophical 
books, for instance. What more can we do?

Yes, there are already several good sites about theosophy. American HQ 
even has internet radio.
The next step is promotion. I think that all of us should widespread 
information about these sites. (Not through internet only but through 
printed and other media too).
It's about English sites.
As for other languages, we have to create sites in our own languages 
it there's still no any.
Another way is creating CDs with contents of the sites, as there are 
many people in certain countries who have computers but no or very 
limited internet access. And one CD is cheeper than a book, moreover, 
they can be recorded one by one, no big quantities at once and big 
budgets are required.

> Have someone tell them that 'jihad' is the inner
> psychological/religious struggle we all deal with-
> Theosophists hold the key

I think it's useless to tell them. Not only theosophists hold this key 
(regarding jihad).
Muslims, at least those who are learned, know this well.
Recently I was at the lecture of V. Porohova, a russian woman who has 
adopted Islam and translated Quran into the Russian (high islamic 
authorities approved this translation).
She and her husband, who is an arab from Syria, also said the same 
thing about jihad and also that Quran doesn't approve violent 
convertion to Islam.

There's a better method: to laugh at the terrorists, thereby making 
their job less romantic.
During the World War Two many comic movies were made about Hitler. Why 
don't they make the same about terrorists? Due moderm media they would 
make the greater impact than then.
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