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Laugh at terrorism Re: Internet & Theosophy

Jan 29, 2007 00:15 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "M K Ramadoss" wrote:

>> During the World War Two many comic movies were made about Hitler. 
>> Why don't they make the same about terrorists? Due moderm media
>> they would make the greater impact than then.

> Did we not see what happened when Dutch Newspapers published
> the cartoons!

Those cartoons were stupid. Scarcely any European would laugh on them.
Secondly, the cartoons were insulting to the muslims at large, not to 
the terrorists only.
Thirdly, they made more harm to the muslims themselves who suffered 
from the riots in their own countries, connected with the cartoons.

I think that the problem of terrorism is rather the problem of the 
western civilization than of the muslims. One jewish expert on 
terrorism has said that the arabs began terror "when they have 
discovered that the death is the sensitive issue for the westerners".
Even 9/11 events were not considerable if regarded from the point of 
view of the military and economic damage to the state. In the World 
War Two we EVERY DAY had more victims than at one day of 9/11 (in 
USSR only!).

If we as theosophists want to eradicate terrorism, we should speak 
not with the muslims but with our countrymen trying to ensure them in 
reality of the life after death which is in many respects better than 
the life downhere, and that the only hell is the life on earth.

I remember that HPB somewhere said that Islam is the best religion 
next to Buddhism. Maybe because it is free of idolatry and its 
adherents have no such fear of death as christians and materialists 

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