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Re: Theos-World Internet & Theosophy

Jan 28, 2007 11:55 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Scribe,

--- In, "Scribe" wrote:

> My reading of history and the Quran is that Islam specifically
> spread by said "convert or die" methods. Muhammad would still be
> an unknown camel caravan bandit if he hadn't written that clause
> into his book, as well as several others glorifying theft, murder,
> rape and intolerance.

You obviously fell a victim of anti-muslim propaganda which is now on 
the marche in the West.
First, Muhammad was illiterate and couldn't write anything. Quran is 
a book of his talks written down by other people. There are 
no "several others" books composed by him.
Secondly, Quran doesn't teach all these things you said. You have 
probably read some forged version concocted either by anti-muslims or 
by muslim terrorists.

As for those muslims who are violent they do exactly the same as 
christians have done for many centuries in Asia and America, in spite 
that the Gospel teaches the reverse.

There are many muslims here in Russia, and till the recent times the 
relations between muslims and christians were friendly. Even the 
conflict on Caucasus is rather between different sects of Islam than 
between muslims and christians, and was in large extent kindled from 
abroad. As for republic of Tatarstan where most of our muslims 
reside, the normal relations are still continuing.
There was a mosq in the center of their captial Kazan which was 
destroyed by the Russians when they invaded that emirate in 16th 
century and included to Russia. The christian temple was built on 
that place. Recently the muslims restored the mosq, making it one of 
the biggest and most beautiful mosqes in the world but they didn't 
destroy the temple but built the mosq side by side with it.

Your idea with astral influence is interesting, nevertheless I cannot 
participate for two grave reasons: I haven't got my astral body under 
control; I don't know arabic.

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