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Re: Theos-World Re: Internet & Theosoph

Jan 27, 2007 07:55 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Next to the invention of printing, I suppose Internet is a technological
quantum leap forward for dissemination  and exchange information. As many
know, in our day to day work, Internet is the backbone and is integrally
woven itself into the fabric of life for most people. All one has to do is
to imagine what would happen if Internet were to be unavailable for 24
hours; it would be like not having power for 24 hours; everything comes to a

The Internet genie is out of the bottle. Most  Octogenarian and
septuagenarian leadership have no clue to the usefulness and effectiveness
of Internet and the manners in which today's population is using it and it
is due to their unfamiliarity of the medium and it looks like they are
taking an ostrich approach; it does not help anyone or any cause. So today's
and tomorrow's challenge is how this new medium can be best used to further
the objects of theosophy.


On 1/26/07, Mark Jaqua <> wrote:
>   Re Internet & Theosophy
> Very interesting comments MKR. I
> would be interesting to see what HPB
> would have done - no doubt PDF files
> and the like as you say. I remember
> 8-10 years ago when I first got on the
> internet, you said very positive
> things about the internet on theos-talk
> - which stuck in my mind, as I thought
> it was about a 90% negative thing.
> I've came closer to your opinion recently,
> but think it is still at base a phenomena
> Into materiality further and away
> from the spiritual center.

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