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Re: Theos-World Internet & Theosophy

Jan 24, 2007 02:53 PM
by Scribe

I think you make some good points and I agree with you very much. 

I think that Mr. Anand Gholap does a fine service with his site-full of free classical Theosophical books, for instance. What more can we do?

I think we all know we hold the secret to the solution/cessation of the present hostilities vis a vis Wahabbism and the rest of the world. It could very easily escalate into world-wide warfare and massive economic turmoil. All that needs to be done is educate their Ayatollahs and Imans and leaders--and the Saudis--into real religion/philosophy via Theosophy. Have someone tell them that 'jihad' is the inner psychological/religious struggle we all deal with--and not strapping explosives around your chest and immolating yourself and as many others as you can get close to.

Theosophists hold the key.

Don't you think it's time we spoke up?

Best Regards,

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  From: M K Ramadoss 
  Sent: Wednesday, January 24, 2007 10:42 AM
  Subject: Theos-World Internet & Theosophy

  For those of us living in the USA, it was very interesting to watch the
  candidates for the next election of the President in 2008, making the
  announcement first in their Websites on Internet, only later on live
  Television. Why are they doing it? It is the recognition of the power and
  efficiency and the very wide reach of Internet.

  Internet grew up stealthily and one day masses were surprised of the
  penetration of Internet in the arena of mass communication. Internet is an
  indispensable tool in modern day life for most of the activities where
  communication is a key component.

  Theosophy now has a tool which is easy and inexpensive to use to disseminate
  any information around the world. If today, HPB were to be alive, she would
  be thrilled (mind you she did not have much money to help her in her work)
  she would be actively putting out material for the benefit of the humanity.
  May be the Theosophist would be available on-line as well as available for
  download as pdf file for anyone interested to read and benefit.

  Anyone who is interested in theosophy and has been an active user of
  Internet will find that not much use is being made of Internet by
  theosophical entities. Entities have not taken aggressive initiative in
  using Internet's power to communicate and make theosophical material
  available to the world. It is not difficult to understand why. Internet is a
  very young medium of communication and those who extensively use are
  typically young people who grew up in the era of computers and Internet as
  part of their day to day life in their education and social life. Many
  entities are run by individuals who grew up two or three generations before
  Internet and so do not have hands on experience with Internet and hence
  cannot fully comprehend the power and potential of Internet. So these
  entities cling to the age old print media model to propagate theosophy in a
  world swamped with modern day communication, especially Internet.

  As things move forward, if theosophical entities do aggressively get on the
  fast moving Internet media, they are likely to miss a great opportunity
  available in today's world. Downside to such missed opportunity is perhaps
  one or two individuals in the world may come up with some innovative
  approach to disseminate theosophy to the world; such phenomenon like googe,
  youtube etc were are the brain child of a few individuals. Also missing the
  opportunity provided by Internet may also result in the theosophical
  entities being ignored and bypassed by the Internet based theosophical

  In today's world, when the humanity is facing multitude of problems of day
  to day living, a good exposure of the principle of Brotherhood can bring
  about a lot of good to the Great Orphan. Let us hope we all can do what we
  can to make the world a better place.


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