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Re Savages, Jesuits, ULT, Lokas & Talas

Jan 22, 2007 05:13 AM
by Mark Jaqua

Re:  Savages, Jesuits, ULT, Lokas & Talas
   On Cass's comment on "savagery is 
of the mind" - That's what GdeP says 
somewhere.  He says the "lowest" or 
coarsest principle is the lower manas, 
and the most potentially evil one - so 
preachers on morality should aim at 
mind-sins, selfishness, et. al. as 
much as "bodily" stuff.  There's a 
lot of crack-heads around far less 
"evil" in a real sense than a whole 
host of "respectable" types who are 
really only out for their own pocket-books 
and personal power.
  Jesuits: I was just reading part 
of "Theosophy or Jesuitism?" in BCW 9, 
p. 291-. 'Pretty scary!  Lots of 
cult-types think that way likely, and 
not just jesuits.  She quotes from 
their own works.  They held it was 
OK to murder, etc. "for the sake of 
the church."
  I wonder if Leon has ever looked 
at the theosophical teachings on 
"Lokas and Talas" - which is a way to 
split up the planes into positive 
and negative parts - and if it fits 
in with his "ABC Theory" - I don't 
understand either.  Under "Loka" in 
"Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary," 
and "Collation of Theosophical Glossaries" 
there is a bunch, also in GdeP's 
"Fundamentals" and one of his 12 
"Esoteric Teachings" books put out by Pt. Loma.
  Heres a quote from Crosbie when he 
was in the Tingley Group (April, 1900, 
p. 50, "Universal Brotherhood" mag):
  ".... It is almost needless to say 
that this most desirable consummation 
was made possible only through the 
continued encouragement, the loving 
care and guidance, and the wisdom of 
our beloved Leader [[K. Tingley]]."
   He was talking about his work at 
his Boston group and ashram.  Early 
Point Loma people tended to be somewhat 
gushy, but Crosbie seemed as demonstrative 
as any.  Which reaction to is maybe 
the reason for the "impersonality doctrine" 
at his ULT.  Crosbie founded United 
Lodge of Theosophists - which put out 
a lot of good literature - which later 
became a "cult" - which later became - a 
..... _BANK_ with lots of other people's money.
          - jake j.

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