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CW Online now Final and version 1.00 !

Jan 21, 2007 03:46 AM
by Ton den Hartog

The Collected Writings Online is now final and I made it version 1.00

See the Status-page ( for more details.

Lots of images and tables are now a LOT better and some even in color as in the books (only in (at the end) by the way...). Overall in some cases the Online version is getting even better than the CDROM....

As with more software with a version number (interesting question, is software also "matter" ?) there are still a few "todo's" but these are all relatively "less" important.

I hope this will bring this work of Helena and Boris back to an acceptable level again as being online on the Internet besides the exellent (but somewhat expensive) books from Quest.

Ton den Hartog

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