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Theosophists Reunite! by F. Pierce Spinks....

Jan 17, 2007 09:31 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Kessinger Publishing has done a great service to Theosophists
by reprinting the following title:

Theosophists Reunite! An Eloquent Plea For A Reunited Society
by F. Pierce Spinks

To order from, click on:

This book was originally published in 1958. Mr. Spinks was a long 
time member of the Point Loma Theosophical Society. I remember 
corresponding with him in the 1970s.

This book is a goldmine of info on the various Theosophical
Societies and groups, some of the controversies of the Theosophical
Movement such as the Judge Case, the Leadbeater Case, etc. etc. Mr.
Spinks provides a great deal of material that is not easily
obtainable elsewhere. He reviews the basic teachings of Theosophy,
and also deals with the controversies about different and competing
Theosophical teachings. One chapter is even entitled: Who is

You may not agree with all of Mr. Spinks' observations and
conclusions but there is so much food for thought in this volume.

Members/students of various Theosophical groups might find it highly
profitable to read and study this remarkable book! The book could
be the starting point for many fruitful discussions ....


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