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Re Cass Eng, Poem by Dick Cheney

Jan 17, 2007 12:36 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re: J.B. book, Poem by Dick Cheney

Cass says:
<Do you  mind if I post this to others?
  - Cass>

   The more the better.  For some people
it's just what they need, others will
accuse you of various crimes.... I can
send you the whole file if wanted.

   On Kindness vs Outspoken-ness, Blavatsky
was certainly outspoken enough, and 
didn't mince her meaning.  'Just read
her telling off the whole Catholic
Church in her replies to Abbe Roca
in BCW 8 & 9.  HPB ended one article with:

'....let us try, at least, _not to kill 
each other,_ if it is not really 
possible _for us to love each other.'_ 
 - (BCW 8, p. 391)

Poem by Dick Cheney (below):  

   No, not really the U.S. vice-president, 
but someone in the April, 1900 "Universal 
Brotherhood-Path" magazine. 

TUP has put all of Judge's "The Path," the 
following "Theosophy" mag (1896-7), and
the "Universal Brotherhood" mag, the
"Universal Brotherhood Path" up to 
1903.  (All sequential and following
the Tingley TS) "The Centruy Path" would
be the next in the series, followed by
"Theosophical Path" and others.
The UB mags are better magazines
that any group puts out today.  All
told there is 540mb of pdf files
available for download - near impossible
with a dial-up connection.  I have
them all, and could send a CD to some
people if they are wanted.  Truely
unique periodicals, and "3 cheers!"
for TUP (no copyright either.)

         - jake j.

         by R.H. Cheney

Somewhere between the lofty mounts -
Snow-covered, lone and still,
Where genius reaches Divine founts
Of wisdom at its will,

And Nature's boggy lowlands where
In embryotic state,
Enwombed in darkness and despair,
Unlighted millions wait; -

Somewhere between, Earth's meadows lie -
Redemption waters roll;
Somewhere between, the ransomed try
The pinions of the soul.

There camp the saved and saving few;
There dwell thy richer kin;
There joy diviner waits than you
Have ever hoped to win.

Take, then, thy staff of faith, and seek
Those higher levels near,
And quit the low swine-fields that reek
With error, pain and fear.

He that aspires to know the way
Already answer hath;
Or swift or slow he shall not stray
>From Truth embordered path.

Yet broader shall the turnpike be -
Thy guiding star more bright,
So be some brother lean on thee
Until he sees the light.

     (April, 1900 "Universal 


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