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chap 2 of 7 - Inner Self

Jan 16, 2007 05:38 AM
by Mark Jaqua

chap 2 of 7 - Inner Self


By design everybody from the beginning  
of mankind until now, starts with the 
notion that life is a bed of roses, 
its nothing but kicks, a glory road.  
That's the way your mind points when 
you are born.  Our mind is of such a 
nature that it cannot survive and won't 
work without a fantasy, a fantasy that 
has nothing to do with reality.  If you 
get stuck looking at too much reality, 
you're going to come apart a the seams.  
Life will become meaningless and your 
mind will refuse to have anything to 
do with it.  The longer you live, if 
you live long enough and can maintain 
any essence of sanity, you discover 
that these fantasies are built into 
your head to keep you putting up with 
it.  You may get to the point where 
you're not willing to put up with it 
under any circumstances, and your mind 
collapses, which is what happened to me.

The whole of society is endlessly trying 
to make good on things that are worthless.  
They spend their lifetime pumping 
themselves up with fantasy because they 
can't stand the facts.  By design you 
are extremely limited from this physical 
side as to what you're supposed to be 
concerned with.  You cannot maintain 
interest in what you're not designed 
to be playing with.  Although we're 
designed to look at the world a certain 
way, when you start calling this basic 
design "pollyanna," you are in trouble 
over your eyealls.

Anything that pays the bills or works 
in the everyday world, including 
psychological systems, is never able 
to be rejected or seen for its errors.  
As long as you pay the bills, you 
have little chance of escaping your 
thought patterns.  You never get to 
see how things are on the other side 
of the street, so to speak.  If it 
works, it is self-maintaining, including 
all the mistakes built into the mind set.

The average person has a set of 
succeeding habits designed to master 
the simple production of livelihood 
and never seriously questions life 
unless he has a disasterous defeat.  
You are incapable of it.  Knowing this 
is necessary in order to understand 
people's personal psychologies.  You 
never get to the other side of the 
street because you are satisfied with 
what is on your side.  This is why 
the older a person gets, the narrower 
their inner options get.  They've been 
successful so long looking at things 
one way.  We're creatures of habit.  
We want to have all the answers out 
in front of us and everything ready.  
That's why a person always goes back 
to his old answers.  You're in a 
dilemna.  You do want to change, but 
you don't want to change.  It's 
threatening and painful to change.  
The essence of change is discomfort.  
People only go as far as they need 
to go.

There are very few people that 
have the capacity to separate themselves 
from the people around them.  
Familiarity breeds contempt.  You 
don't knowingly heap yourself with 
your own abuse, you heap somebody 
else with it.  This is all to answer 
to getting the crops in.  When you 
are threatened, you "dump" it on 
everyone and anyone that is available 
in order to get free enough to be 
able to do the day's work.  You've 
got to get free enough to be able 
to do the day's work done, pay the 
bills, and get fed.  It all comes 
back to that first necessity of 
survival that we're all painfully 
grinding on.  All of us.

The average person due to the needs 
of the functions of projection and 
transference, is out working on 
somebody else all the time without 
knowing they are doing it, trying 
to discharge their own anxieties.  
Some actually live on other people's 
pain.  It's what keeps them going and 
how they get their feeling of effectiveness.  
Their unconscious reactions come out 
as sadism, which give the person 
enough of a day to day high to keep 
on going.  Transference, projection 
and the like obviously work, because 
they keep people out of the booby hatch.

People keep to themselves because of 
the threat of being blown out of their 
own mental cocoon.  People who can't 
stand to have other people in their 
home or go out in public are on such 
a tight little island because they 
are sitting on the killing urge.  
They feel so terribly threatened that 
they have to go to all of these 
extremes to keep from killing something.  
They have to walk in a tight little 

You may not be as fragile when you get 
out of childhood and adolescence, but 
no one is autonomous.  Can you actually 
say you can get by without any good 
experience?  You never get autonomous 
from your family.  Your family extends 
into your peer group and you die dealing 
with your family and peer group.  The 
only thing you have to take into the 
foray is the mind-set that was cast 
upon you as a child and that you 
cannot change.

If you like a person you are inclined 
to show it to them.  While some 
people avoid others, some see their 
solutions in others.  With the 
security-seeking type of person, 
you are always being tested.  They 
are incapable of a level relationship 
with somebody.  They can only be 
inferior or superior.  It is because 
of their desire to work out of the 
environment the factor they need to 
feel secure.  But, so long as you 
are seeking security, you cannot 
achieve it.   This is a broad-based 
characteristic in many people and 
oddly nearly has become the basis 
of our society.

You are in a social circumstance as 
long as you still remember your 
last face to face confrontation or 
are under the influence of it.  
Your entire being is affected.  This 
applies whether the confrontation 
was verbal or nonverbal. The point 
is that you have to become aware 
that as long as you are within 
eyeshot or earshot, you are constantly 
being affected by the internal 
condition of those around you.  If 
they have no idea of their internal 
turmoil, then it is left for you to 
deal with, which is how most people 
get along.

If the average person's mind were 
hooked to a loudspeaker and you could 
hear what went through it, you would 
probably look for the highest building 
around so you could be dead the first 
time.  You are walking around in a 
reality that is the production of this 
common consciousness.  There are very 
few who understand the functions that 
the mind is trying to fulfill and 
maintain.  My view of the common 
consciousness is that it is a trash 
heap, a mouldering dung heap.  How 
many people do you know that are 
clearly conscious of and broad and 
deeply versed in the information 
required to insure that their children 
will have insight, understanding 
and wisdom?

Normal people would do anything on 
earth to avoid talking about or 
looking at what goes on in their own 
head.  That thought lead me to the 
first clear insight I ever had:  
"These people are crazy!"  I was 
just a kid.  Then I spent a year on 
who was crazy.  They were out there 
living in the world and I was just 
a kid.  They paid the bills but were 
scared to death of their own heads.  
So I was crazy, but who was sane?  
Something that helped me was the 
thought that I was crazy, but that 
it was a perfectly normal reaction 
to the circumstance.  That left me 
off a big hook.

People defend themselves from 
their own best interests, and don't 
know how to stop it.  The objective 
is to get a natural process to come 
back into operation.  It comes 
back into operation spontaneously.  
You stumble onto it and then you 
learn how to use it.  The whole 
thing is that you have an ego set 
up, without knowing how it came into 
existence or the ramifications of it, 
that prevents you.  It has to leak 
through, or trick you out of the way, 
so to speak, so you can get out 
there where you can see things.

In this world there are two available 
mind-sets. One direction is to experience 
Truth, to know what it means to 
light your whole body up with insight, 
to make it your highest goal, to 
have the experience of overwhelming 
insight and comprehension of the 
whole realm of human experience.  
That's one mind-set or direction that 
accounts for maybe one hundreth of 
one percent of the total.  The entire 
rest of the mind-sets is what you 
are involved in in everyday life, 
and is running away from the first 
mind-set.  You are terrified by it.  
Everything everybody does is designed 
to destroy the possibility of ever 
getting to the first mind-set.  That 
is the big problem.

The average person's mind is full 
of so much tripe and garbage, and is 
so far divorced from understanding 
what is going on here, that the miracle 
is that anything gets accomplished. 
If it weren't for mankind's capability 
of reducing complex tasks into simple 
repetitive tasks, we'd have nothing.  
If it required a creative imagination 
every minute to survive, the survival 
rate would be zero.  The average mind 
is a garbage heap that is ninety-nine 
percent disabled.

My view is that through our capacity 
to reduce things to simple elements, 
and resultantly the ability to 
maintain vast hordes of people in 
a very materially comfortable life 
through simple efforts, that we've 
finally gotten to the point where 
we've bought enough time for a few 
people who have the genetic propensity, 
to be the resolvers, the true researchers, 
the perceivers of new information 
and insight into the workings of the 
mind.  We finally have the circumstances 
where they can maintain themselves 
while trying to do this work.

If we survive without a nuclear war, 
which I don't think we will, but if 
we should happen to, and get another 
300 years or so of working on 
consciousness, we will have in fact 
the Garden of Eden.  If we could 
train people to have the capacity 
to come to their own fulfillment 
in minding their own business instead 
of somebody else's business, we would 
have such a blissful state on earth 
that it truly would be the Garden of 
Eden.  That's my view of what could be.

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