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Re: Theos-World Re: Kindness

Jan 15, 2007 04:39 PM
by Cass Silva

Perhaps Mark we can take an example from St Paul.  Perhaps we are confusing brotherhood and kindness with outspokenness?  Paul was a brave, honest, fearless and outspoken man. His rebuke of Peter was not a personal one, but was made against the hypocrisy of his actions, and furthermore was made to his face.
  Being outspoken doesn't necessarily mean being unbrotherly or unkind, that is only my opinion though.

Mark Jaqua <> wrote:          Re Kindness

Bill writes: 

<Does anyone have any comment on 
this wikipedia statement which equates 
theosophical brotherhood with "universal 
kindness" at least in the TS (Adyar).>

Well, It goes against the ego, which 
isn't necessarily in competition with 
everyone else, but looking for sole 

Its something the Dali Lama is 
always repeating - something that doesn't 
go against any religion, and that all 
can agree with.

I know it can be a literal life-saver, 
from being a non-insured patient for a 
couple weeks in a mega-hospital. One 
is generally treated as an enemy or 
unwanted problem, if not worse. The 
only life-saver was a few nurses who 
showed kindness, which gives some hope 
in humanity and that you aren't going 
to be killed in your sleep. It can be
a life-saver for people in despair, or
wrecked by life, the homeless, HPB's

You have to wait for opportunities 
to show kindness in an obvert way, as 
most of life isn't directly appropriate, 
unless you want to be some kind of 
"spread the love" goof.

Kindness might just be giving attention 
to other people. When one is talking 
to someone else, often he is not really 
paying attention, but just waiting until 
one gets a chance to say whatever he 
wants to say himself (ego.) I read
somewhere that "if you want to siphon off 
love from other people, just pay attention 
to them." Maybe "siphon off" isn't the 
right words.

How do you balance "kindness" with all
the arguments theosophists get into? Some
of them are important arguments. 

- jake j.


>1a. Theosophical Brotherhood - Universal Kindness
Posted by: "Bill Meredith" 
Date: Fri Jan 12, 2007 6:11 am ((PST))

>"The main spiritual discipline expected of members is the 

practice of 
brotherhood (or universal kindness) regardless of race, creed, 

color, gender or any other difference between people. Members 

are free 
>to have any or no spiritual practice at all. It is thought that 

practice of universal kindness is difficult enough and any other 
practice can't be mandatory because the Theosophical Society is 

open to 
>people from all religious backgrounds."

>Does anyone have any comment on this wikipedia statement which 

theosophical brotherhood with "universal kindness" at least in 

the TS 


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