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Re: Theos-World Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 15, 2007 09:26 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Glad to hear from you.

I have been around members and non-members of TS for quite some time. Like
everywhere else, you will find many with very fixed crystallized ideas and
beliefs and superstitions and prejudices (some very very subtle); after all
it is their life and they have a right to believe what they want to; so long
as they do not try to convert others to their way of thinking and belief.
After all it is our life that is important and over the years all of us


On 1/15/07, Vince <> wrote:
>   --- In <>, "M K
> Ramadoss" <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >
> > From Day 1 when TS was started, the only requirement for
> membership is to be
> > in sympathy with the first object - Universal Brotherhood.
> Then I qualify for the first object. I view god-believers and non-
> god-believers as being equal. And I believe that we all have the
> same basic eternal destiny.
> > So everyone
> > including an agnostic is welcome. There was in interesting
> anectode how an
> > agnostic met with HP Blavatsky for hours and after a long
> discussion he
> > decided to join the society.
> >
> As an atheist/agnostic, I recently joined the Society on the basis
> of the first three objects, and on the repeated statements of the
> national headquarters' leaders that the Society is non-dogmatic.
> > There is also the famous principle Lord Buddha followed. He said
> let us talk
> > about things we all can see, because there can be varying
> arguments about
> > the unseen.
> >
> 'Argument' is certainly a key word when it comes to the unseen.
> Arguments abound.
> > mkr
> >
> Vince

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