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Re: Theos-World Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 15, 2007 04:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

>From Day 1 when TS was started, the only requirement for membership is to be
in sympathy with the first object - Universal Brotherhood. So everyone
including an agnostic is welcome. There was in interesting anectode how an
agnostic met with HP Blavatsky for hours and after a long discussion he
decided to join the society.

There is also the famous principle Lord Buddha followed. He said let us talk
about things we all can see, because there can be varying arguments about
the unseen.


On 1/11/07, Vince <> wrote:
> --- In <>,
> leonmaurer@... wrote:
> >
> > Since "agnostic," in essence, means "a person who claims neither
> faith nor
> > disbelief in God"...
> I suggest that your definition of 'agnostic' is not universal, and
> merely constitutes a pseudo-definition of 'agnosticism' created by the
> Christian Church, and not by agnostics themselves.
> > And, since theosophists do claim a disbelief in such a God
> > -- therefore, they cannot be agnostics, but can only be atheists.
> >
> Sounds a bit dogmatic, and therefore not in alignment with
> Theosophical spirit, from what I understand.
> As an atheist/agnostic member of the Theosophical Society, I do not
> necessarily bind myself to fine points on Theosophical creeds, nor
> have I any such obligation. The Theosophical Society freely invited
> me into it's membership, despite my atheist/agnostic stance, due to
> it's non-dogmatic nature. I was invited into membership by it's
> national headquarters' leaders. You seem to be at variance with them.
> Vince

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