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CW Onlione update

Jan 13, 2007 06:29 PM
by Ton den Hartog


last few days been busy with fixing all the characters that were converted wrong. I did maintain the S and s with an xxx above them (0x15a and 0x15b in Unicode) as requested but didn't bother about those character with a dot below, I have NEVER noticed them in a GdP book being there and I DO have developed a sense for Sanskrit in the last 2 years of my theosophy study. Version is now 0.99, next is fixing layout bugs with tables (already did the first few volumes). The greec and hebrew now still appear as a load of garbish (also on the CDROM), I will try to replace them with a marker to make the text neater and will look at that at a later date (after 1.00).

Ton den Hartog

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