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Re: Theos-World agnostics, Re: Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 13, 2007 05:46 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/13/07 5:31:08 AM, writes:

> --- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:
> > perhaps you should study the Secret Doctrine, follow
> > all its references and its metaphysical teachings of
> > Cosmogenesis as well as HPB's recommendations of practice, and
> > read the Mahatma Letters -- where all the truths of theosophy and
> > its perfect wisdom about the nature of God and Man, are fully
> > expounded and explained.
> Dear Leon,
> You say so as though I've never read these books. I'm studying
> theosophy for 16 years, and the more I study the less I am "fully
> convinced" and less ready to deny anything.
> Of course, I did not advance in practice, as these recommendations are
> too hard to follow, not easier at least, than commandments of the
> Gospel (which I really never tried.
Studying the books, and particularly the Secret Doctrine, requires both 
intuition and meditation, as well as guidance from knowledgeable teachers.   Just 
simply reading it in its dead letter, without knowing how to break through the 
"blinds" and intuitively apply the fundamental principles (which one can only 
find for oneself) cannot reveal the hidden metaphysical truths that can 
engender a firm conviction of the correctness of all the theosophical teachings.   
Thus, through a knowledge of both cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis, one can 
know karma, and comprehend the truth of reincarnation -- while directly 
experiencing all the transcendent states that are possible during life and after death.

The "practice" I referred to that leads to all the above is Rajah Yoga (as 
explained in Patanjali's Yoga aphorisms) -- with reference to the "path" or 
stages of advancement outlined in the Voice of the Silence.   The moral issues 
themselves or the practice of austerities are not directly conducive to achieving 
the highest meditative state (Samadhi) that leads to a direct inner 
experience of the fundamental realities and ultimate "realization of the self" or 
"enlightenment."    When that state is reached and one can actually know the 
"ultimate division of time" as well as the reasons determining it, the true nature 
of metaphysical reality will become entirely comprehended, and thereby, a 
conviction of the truths of theosophy will be directly achieved.   

I wish you good karma with your continued studies.


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