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Jan 12, 2007 10:10 PM
by leonmaurer

Spoken like a true, committed Neo Nazi propagandist! LOL

In a message dated 1/12/07 7:31:11 PM, writes:

> Well said and understood, John.
> To jewish Jesuitism (Bruno Bauer), Bolshevism, Marxism, Communism, 
> Socialism, Materialism, Talmudism, Neocon and their lastest most satanic religion 
> named xxx there exists no truth as such (Hegel's an und fur sich) or any higher 
> moral.
> Their followers are instructed to make use of any possible lie, to commit 
> any possible cry and dirty trick for their cause which is to make soulless 
> beasts out of human beings, to cut their higher nature, to make nomades of them, 
> steel their homelands, occupy their lands with foreigners, make a monopoly of 
> their press and to spread fear and horror and call it the worker's paradise, 
> the mono-cultured world republic with foreign rule over all nations, except 
> one, the master race.
> Theosophy is against Socialism, Communism and foreign rule as both Olcott 
> and HPB declared.
> Read Orwell's insider reports (he was a black lodge member) The Animal farm, 
> 1984, read The Protocols etc.
> A well known German socialistic politican, a follower of the satanic jewish 
> Frankfurt school which was established in Berkeley for the aims mentioned 
> above said a few years ago, shortly before his death, that he must admit that 
> following the ideology and the idea of man of the Frankfurt school means to get 
> insane for the whole life.
> I have met many Marxists, some of them of very high ranks, like the late 
> Markus Wolff and I can confirm that the opinion of the politician is quite 
> correct.
> Once a West German historian held a harmless lecture, the next day the 
> communistic party papers of East (Middle) Germany appeared with agitating 
> articles, reporting that the historian appealed for violent recapture of East Prussia 
> and Silesia. Next time when the historian met the East German "reporter" 
> again he asked him, why he wrote that nonsense of which no word was true and 
> whether he listened not careful enough his lecture. The Marxist replied that he 
> knew that he did not say what he has reported, but the article is 
> nevertheless true, because it helps that Socialism will win the race and as Socialism is 
> (to him) the highest ideal for mankind any article which helps Socialism is 
> justified.
> If you are not a Talmudist, Zionist or Communist and if you are no Rumsfeld 
> you will probably have to think it over for a longer time before you 
> understand it.
> The French blackbook of Communism comes to 80-100 million victims of 
> Communism. They are still within the establishment in Europe.
> Frank
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> Carlos,
> Spoken like a true committed Marxist! lol

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