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Re: Theos-World agnostics, Re: Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 12, 2007 09:18 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/10/07 5:20:49 AM, writes:

> --- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:
> > which is not the view of a true theosophist who flatly denies the
> > possibility of the existence of such an extra spatial God --
> > studied theosophists cannot be "agnostic" but are fully convinced
> Those theosophists who "flatly deny" and are "fully convinced" are
> somewhat dogmatic theosophists (and they exist, no doubt).
> But there are also others who admit the possibility of existence of
> the planes higher than the plane on which human mind operates, and
> consequently having the laws which cannot be fully cognized by the
> human mind as it is. From attempts to put the realities of these
> planes into our conceptions come such meaningless expressions
> as "causeless cause" or "seven eternities" where "time was not".
> Perhaps we could understand them by changing our entire mind and
> evelating it on a higher plane, but for current state of mind is more
> safe nor to deny neither to accept some statements concerning these
> higher realities.
To understand what "studied" ("true") or "self realized theosophists" mean 
when they say they are "fully convinced" in the fundamental nature of the cosmos 
stemming from an "unknown source" of coadunate but not consubstantial fields 
of consciousness," with that source being the "rootless root" of Absolute 
"space" along with its "abstract motion," as the root cause of both spirit (or 
consciousness) and matter -- or that they "flatly deny" the existence of an extra 
cosmic "personal God" -- perhaps you should study the Secret Doctrine, follow 
all its references and its metaphysical teachings of Cosmogenesis as well as 
HPB's recommendations of practice, and read the Mahatma Letters -- where all 
the truths of theosophy and its perfect wisdom about the nature of God and Man, 
are fully expounded and explained.   

You might then understand that it's possible to raise one's consciousness to 
the highest spiritual level, far above the mind of Man, and thereby, 
understand the "science" and nature of the seven higher order levels of vibrational 
forces that govern all the transcendental states of consciousness in between our 
pure spirit or higher self and our brain-body.   When this is experienced 
first hand and comprehended, and by analogy and correspondence, seen to be 
iidentical to the cosmic consciousness, it is called "self realization" or 
"enlightenment" -- the goal of all true theosophists.

Therefore, such conviction or acceptance and denial are not dogmatic -- but 
are based solely on first hand, reflectively verified, irrefutable knowledge of 
fundamental truths.

This doesn't mean that a new theosophical students shouldn't be a skeptics, 
or agnostics if you will, until they fully understand the reason and logic 
behind such conviction or denial, and have verified it for themselves by study and 
practice through their own self devised and self determined efforts -- which, 
for the lesser intuitive student, could take many years, if not decades or 
lifetimes to attain.   

So, keep on with your efforts and one day you, too, might be able to gain 
that conviction and be called "dogmatic" by a new student, (or a "fundamentalist" 
by those old ones hanging around here who haven't got it yet. ;-))

Best wishes,

Leon (a.k.a. Lenny -- and I'm the oldest :-) 

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