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Jan 12, 2007 04:27 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Well said and understood, John.

To jewish Jesuitism (Bruno Bauer), Bolshevism, Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Materialism, Talmudism, Neocon and their lastest most satanic religion named xxx there exists no truth as such (Hegel's an und fur sich) or any higher moral.

Their followers are instructed to make use of any possible lie, to commit any possible cry and dirty trick for their cause which is to make soulless beasts out of human beings, to cut their higher nature, to make nomades of them, steel their homelands, occupy their lands with foreigners, make a monopoly of their press and to spread fear and horror and call it the worker's paradise, the mono-cultured world republic with foreign rule over all nations, except one, the master race. 
Theosophy is against Socialism, Communism and foreign rule as both Olcott and HPB declared.

Read Orwell's insider reports (he was a black lodge member) The Animal farm, 1984, read The Protocols etc.

A well known German socialistic politican, a follower of the satanic jewish Frankfurt school which was established in Berkeley for the aims mentioned above said a few years ago, shortly before his death, that he must admit that following the ideology and the idea of man of the Frankfurt school means to get insane for the whole life.

I have met many Marxists, some of them of very high ranks, like the late Markus Wolff and I can confirm that the opinion of the politician is quite correct.

Once a West German historian held a harmless lecture, the next day the communistic party papers of East (Middle) Germany appeared with agitating articles, reporting that the historian appealed for violent recapture of East Prussia and Silesia. Next time when the historian met the East German "reporter" again he asked him, why he wrote that nonsense of which no word was true and whether he listened not careful enough his lecture. The Marxist replied that he knew that he did not say what he has reported, but the article is nevertheless true, because it helps that Socialism will win the race and as Socialism is (to him) the highest ideal for mankind any article which helps Socialism is justified.

If you are not a Talmudist, Zionist or Communist and if you are no Rumsfeld you will probably have to think it over for a longer time before you understand it.
The French blackbook of Communism comes to 80-100 million victims of Communism. They are still within the establishment in Europe.


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Spoken like a true committed Marxist! lol

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