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Re The Path, Vonda, bugpas

Jan 12, 2007 12:04 PM
by Mark Jaqua

Re The Path, Vonda, bugpas

    Konstantin:  Don't doubt there is a 
better way for geek-types to archive, 
but probably involves a lot an old granny 
sitting at her computer could never 
figure out.  Like you say, you can't 
put the pdf file into an OCR program, 
but you can cut and past the image into 
"Paint."  The thing is that they have 
some sub-program that distorts the 
image when you import the bmp or jpg 
into the OCR - all to the purpose of 
getting you to buy a $500 Adobe program 
- which who can!  -  I sent you that 
archive CD I said I would send about 
3 weeks ago.  If it doesn't arrive intact, 
I will send another.  (Although, I 
recently read that they just discovered 
in Russia two big cargo containers of 
mail from 1999!)

    Marie:  I never heard Vonda give 
a talk, just mail and phone.  She does 
sound how you say.  Amazing that Chuck 
made a nice comment about her too! Ha  
Her brother died a couple years ago.  
I think she took care of him for about 
30 years or something, instead of 
shipping him off to a "home."  I was 
told that being in the inner city, she 
has black attendees also, which is 
certainly good to hear and unique for 
US TS groups.  She's the type that 
"knows her own mind," like Tingley, 
and anybody or the type who found 
Tingley difficult after a while, would 
probably find the same.  George Cardinal 
Legros had a group in Chicago in the 50's, 
and she got into Theosophy from that.

     Can't find anything in Maury's 
discription of the social condition of 
the world & dugpas, to disagree 
with.  Its a LOT worse that people admit 
to themselves, or even want to see, 
long as they personally aren't that bad 
off.  Like what the heck is wrong with 
things, when in a super-rich country 
like the US, there's zillions of homeless.  
'Ever wonder why they collect Blankets 
for the homeless (and ignore they don't 
have any place to even live! Ha)  'Here 
- use this blanket when you sleep under 
that bridge!'

   It is hard for it to sink in just how
STUPID and utterly un-philosophic the majority
of the world population is, who think there
is a personal god!  It is some child fairy-
tale that adults believe.  They also think
"no-god" means no spiritual source or feelings.
(Even Rush Lumbaugh and "Dr. Laura" think

             - jake j.


>1b. pdfs Re: Path online
    Posted by: "Konstantin Zaitzev" kay_ziatz
    Date: Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:23 pm ((PST))

--- In, Mark Jaqua
<proto37@...> wrote:

>> They are scans put into PDF, which is probably the
best way to
>> have permanent archive copies. However they aren't
>> easiest to read, and the Adobe "copy to text
function" is a joke.

>No, it's probably the worst way.
Not only they are not easy to read, but the contents
is very hard to 
extract, be it in text or image form. The files are
also of too big 
size. Pdfs are good for transferring the final proofs
of a book to 
typography but that's all.

>There are other ways for verbatim reproduction. One
of them is djvu 
format, the files are much smaller and pages are
extractable to 
standard bitmap formats. There are also multipage tif
files which are 
also satisfactory for these purposes and can be opened
by many 
standard picture viewers and by OCR software.


>1c. Re: Re Path online, Vonda
    Posted by: ""
    Date: Wed Jan 10, 2007 1:24 pm ((PST))

 >I always have just loved to hear Vonda Urban
lecture. She would 
lecture at the TSA in America headquarters in Wheaton,
Illinois about once a 
>year. She was always well attended, and she always
brought FREE 
pamphlets and books with her. She has a very stylish,
almost European [French] 
and regal bearing, and is very lady-like, especially
in these 
metro-sexual days of pants and leggings on women. I
remember the day when we 
would NEVER wear slacks, or heaven-forbid, shorts or
jeans, into the city, 
or to work or church. Vonda has always resisted the
manly aggressive 
look. Though I have never attended her home meetings,
they are very well 
attended in Chicago, where she lives. She was taking
care of a brother 
that needed much assistance. I do not know whether she
is still doing 

>1d. Re: Re Path online, Vonda
    Posted by: ""
    Date: Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:17 pm ((PST))

>It's good to know that she is still going.  I
remember meeting her a  
times and she is a wonderful person in spite of her
orthodoxy. :)
>Chuck the Heretic

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