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Re: Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 11, 2007 02:07 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, leonmaurer@ wrote:

> And, since theosophists do claim a disbelief in such a God --
> therefore, they cannot be agnostics, but can only be atheists.

As far I remember, Blavatsky was against of branding theosophists as 
atheists, but classified them rather as pantheists.

I am also not an atheist, but non-believer, as atheists, in my view, 
are those who believe that there is no god. Non-believers don't 
believe in god, unless the proofs of the reverse will be presented. 
But to believe that there is no god is not much better than to believe 
in god.
Belief (or rather the object of belief) is in great extent the matter 
of vogue and of authority. Here in Russia, when communist regime 
crushed, many former ardent atheists became fanatical christians. They 
just changed matter of belief, but not the belief itself, as a state 
of soul.

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