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Re: Theos-World Re: The Brotherhood of Darkness

Jan 10, 2007 11:08 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/10/07 5:03:29 AM, writes:

> --- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:
> > What difference if the "New World Order" leaders are a dictatorial
> > hierarchy of a separate God and his representatives, or an elite
> > Hierarchy of oligarchs, bankers and industrialists?
> The latter seem to me the lesser evil, though one cannot deny that
> they cause environmental problems.
> Though some blame science and rationalistic thinking for it, I think
> that its root is nevertheless in biblical religions which were first
> to prevent a man from feeling one with Nature.
> There was research on land devastation in Russia in 18-19th
> centuries, and it has shown that forests were best preserved in the
> areas populated with nations which still retained pagan views at that
> time.
> Yet another conspiracy theory:
> (theosophists also able to compile them) ;)
> Apparently this theory seems to be right in line with the warnings of HPB, 
who also propounded the idea that the Black Lodge (i.e., Dugpas) have been 
conspiring to take over the world rule since they were ejected from Atlantis.   
This article give a clear picture of their powers, in contrast to those of the 
opposing White Lodge Hierarchy, and why they are currently winning. 

Perhaps it would be a good idea for all theosophists to read this essay so 
they can see how the organized religions and the pseudo theosophists, along with 
our governmental powers, have been playing into the hands of the Dugpas right 
from their beginnings.   

They might even recognize their agents and dupes in the hordes of "celebriti
es" who continually promote, by playing on the emotional desires, escapist 
needs and greed's of the masses, their hedonistic power and money grabbing ideals 
through the similarly motivated mass media... Who, in turn are the agents of 
the money grubbing bankers and war mongering industrialists... Some of whom, 
assuredly, while staying invisibly in the background, could be (and most likely 
are) actual members of the Black Lodge.   

I'm sure that these string pulling puppeteers also see to it that the 
appropriately compliant religious leaders (even pseudo theosophical ones), 
scientists, politicians, producers impresarios, etc., and their activists (e.g., 
terrorists, promoters, granters, proselytizers, agents, bookers, etc.) are well 
funded by similarly blind sided elitist philanthropists and entrepreneurial 
investors -- who are also in their power.

The only difference between this theosophical and other conspiracy theories 
is that this one knows that it deals with guiding entities (in or out of the 
body) that are not actually humans incarnated in the normal evolutionary manner 
-- who have cut themselves off completely from their higher selves or cosmic 
consciousness. The joke is on some of us real human beings, without clear 
discernment and discrimination, who think that everyone they see are just like 
themselves, and that conspiracy theories are either all false or all true, and 
deal only with ordinary people who are either good or bad.   :-)

Maybe, they'll catch on someday.   Let's hope it's early enough to prevent 
the next indiscriminate dispersal by fire (last time it was by water) of the 
bulk of the race, so proper evolutionary progress can get underway again. I'm 
sure that those who are meant to survive will be suffiently warned early enough 
to get out of the way.   Didn't WQJ predict in his "Aphorisms on Karma" <> that this might happen -- just 
as HPB predicted the possible apocalypse in her "Letters to American 
Theosophists"? <>   

Considering the state of the world today, it doesn't look like we have much 
longer to wait.   ;-) 


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