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Re: Theos-World agnostics, Re: Hi there, I'm new.

Jan 09, 2007 06:53 PM
by leonmaurer

In a message dated 1/9/07 7:07:36 AM, writes:

> --- In, leonmaurer@ wrote:
> > As a theosophist however, one cannot be an "agnostic," or one
> > who considers that there might be a separate God entity that is
> > above and beyond the universe itself.
> What you describe is not an agnostic but the worst type of christian.
> Agnostics are those who deny to speculate as to existence or nature of
> God as the utterly unknowable. As a rule, they neither deny nor admit
> existance of God. Some hold the same position in regard to anything
> supernatural.
Not speculating as to the "existence or nature of God as the utterly 
unknowable" is tacitly considering that there may (or may not) be a possible God that 
is outside of fundamental space itself   -- which is not the view of a true 
theosophist who flatly denies the possibility of the existence of such an extra 
spatial God -- since theosophy is based on the fact that the universe cannot 
have a supernatural cause of its phenomenal or natural existence.   Thus, 
studied theosophists cannot be "agnostic" but are fully convinced, and therefore, 
know that there cannot be an extra spatial "Creator."

This fact of non supernatural origins (or manifestations), is because that 
"primal beginning," can only be the zero (laya) point of absolute space itself, 
that has the potential of pure spirit or consciousness, along with its 
abstract motion (or cyclic spinergy) -- that is the causeless cause of all 
matter-energy of any degree of substantiality.   Thus, this absolute space of pure 
spirit or consciousness and potential matter-energy, or "beness," being infinite in 
itself, is only unknowable to "finite" minds that cannot conceive of either 
zero or infinity.   

That doesn't mean that its wholeness or mechanism of phenomenal manifestation 
isn't knowable to those advanced students of theosophy who, like Adepts or 
Masters, can see with the inner eye, have full use of their intuition, and can 
correctly reason deductively as well as inductively.   

Therefore, since all wisdom and memory of past cycles of universal phenomenal 
existence is stored in that fundamental spinergy or Akasha, no outside God is 
needed for each such apparent universal "creation" or cyclic manifestation.   
Thus, from a theosophical point of view, atheism and agnosticism are 
contradictory and mutually exclusive.

So, it follows that all true theosophists are "atheists"... But also are 
"pantheists" who see God or pure spiritual consciousness as being inherent or 
immanent throughout all of nature.   This is so, because the zero-points of 
absolute space are spread out everywhere in the vacuum between every apparent 
particle of our metric space-time continuum.

Of course, agnosticism is one of the ideas that drive some people toward 
studying theosophy... But, once one has gone deep enough to fully understand the 
unity of all of nature, it will have to be thrown away like all our other 
unfounded beliefs due to our former ignorance of the true nature of reality -- as 
the Buddha saw it and other enlightened Masters and Adepts see it.

Best wishes,


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